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 Annie - Top of the Rangers

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PostSubject: Annie - Top of the Rangers   Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:22 pm

NOTE: this is my first pokemon story, i dont really know what to write, i am not much of a writer
Chapter 1

"HEY ANNIE, WAKE UP!" bellowed little sister Jane. "OK, just let me get ready. Just gimme some time, will ya?! I need to look ready and good for this!" I yelled back in a grouchy way. "Annie dear, hurry up and get ready. There is only 15 minutes until the first day of Ranger school starts, and you can't be late for that," said mother in a rather impatient voice. I sighed. Why was I always so late and clumsy? Why couldn't I be like the other boys and girls? I couldn't afford to miss my chance on becoming what I always wanted to be -- a Pokemon Ranger. I clumsily walked down the stairs and grabbed a few bites out of my blueberry waffle. "Good bye mother!" I called back as I raced for the Ranger school. "Ok Annie, good luck, and don't make a fool of yourself!" mother shouted back, looking smaller and smaller as I ran more towards the school. The school bell rang with a deafening BRRRRRRRIIIIIIINGGGGG! The other students huddled in a big circle, eager to begin. A tall female teacher wearing a silver Ranger badge stepped out into the crowd of students. "Welcome all. I hope you enjoy learning about ways to help Pokemon and people who need help. Pokemon and people are our friends. We must do everything we can," she said with a small grin. I walked inside the school with my footsteps making a soft thud as my feet hit the floor and entered my classroom which was filled with Pokemon Ranger wonders (Ranger tools, journals written by Rangers, newspaper article about Rangers, Ranger medals/trophies and even legends/stories). I couldn't wait.
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PostSubject: Re: Annie - Top of the Rangers   Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:19 pm

i cant wait to see what happens next! this story sounds interesting
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Annie - Top of the Rangers
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