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 anyone got modest nature of both mewtwo and palkia

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PostSubject: anyone got modest nature of both mewtwo and palkia   Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:26 pm

im currently looking for a mewtwo and a palkia that both have the nature of modest. im prepared to trade the following pokemon for both:

willing to trade:

event pokemon:

japanese event shaymin

toys r us darkrai event

japanese event regigigas

pokemon colloseum event jirachi

pokemon battle revolution pikachu event

toys r us dragonite event

lv 50 aura mew

gamestop event deoxys

palcity event lucario

10th aniversity lv 92 ho-oh event

lv 51 mew from pokemon ranch hayley

lv 20 pikachu from npower event

lv 50 shiny japanese milotic wcs event

lv 40 japanese charmander pc tokyo event

lv 10 japanese eevee pokemon center event

lv 50 toys r us shaymin

lv 50 deoxys, that has no name, cuase its korean and pokemon copmany can't do korean language for some reason.

lv 100 toys r us regigigas adamant event

lv 50 pokemon battle revolution electivire adamant event

lv 100 mew

lv 1 hatched aerodactyl

lv 28 voltorb

lv 47 dialga nicked named .

lv 70 giratina

lv 47 palkia

lv 1 hatched eevee nicked named evoli

lv 100 kabuto

lv 100 ev trained japanese weavile

lv 100 might be ev trained luiga

lv 50 shiny japanese milotic wcs event

lv 5 eevee nature: quiet, item tm 85 =dream eater

lv 6 eevee nature: naughty item tm 90 = substitute

lv 7 electrike nature: docile

lv 55 spinda nature: lax

lv 20 absol nature: brave

lv 50 makuhita nature: modest

lv 21 drowzee nature: quiet

lv 34 lickitung natre: bold

lv 16 dunsparce nature: adamant

lv 22 luxio nicknamed luxray nature: calm

lv 50 azelf nature: sassy
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anyone got modest nature of both mewtwo and palkia
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