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 Pokemon Rayquaza Edition (PRE for short)

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PostSubject: Pokemon Rayquaza Edition (PRE for short)   Tue Apr 07, 2009 10:56 am

Ok i was really bored when i posted this so bare with me on this idea of a story. Ok so heres how its going down, we all (those wanting to take part) make up a character, and put him/her into a region. You can chose between any region and you can move between them but honestly use you commong sence and dont be in jhoto for instance in one chapter and in the next start in hoenn (unless you have a plan for you story that involves some slight confusion that will become clear).

ok so this is what you need to describe you character before you start your story

name: full name please (can be made up)
rank: ranks can be anything from beginer and champion, if you are a gym leader, champion, elite 4 please say which number and region.
pokemon:which pokemon are in your team, you can change your pokemon in the story or add pokemon if you wish (this is depending on what rank your starting at).
little about you character:some background information
description: what you character looks like
your home town/city: region al towns
good or bad: are you good or bad (team rocket ect for bad)

some rules

1. you area loud to mention another character (like you talking to someone or tv this is depending on there rank)
2. you can use someone elses character if they are in the same town (with there permition of corse)
3. you can use the same characters as someone else is using if it does not effect there stroy to much (this way if someone uses your other characters it may give you an idea)
4. if you are a gym leader then by foce you are to fight someone so please work this out between you (if your the challenger dont just say you win if you get into an argument say it was a draw lol hopefully we wont have this argument saying who won and who lost, aslo dont be a spoil sport and ruin it for the other person if you yell at him to make you lose gyms arent that impotant, also gym leaders if you leave please say your gym is closed say you go on an adventure)

ok remember its your story not someone elses also characters from the anime are in PRE but gym leaders my be replaced with our own made up ones (they dont need to be the same type).

ok and dont say you beat every gym leader or trainer with magikrap be realilistic please this is only for fun.

i will post my story later.
and remember

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Rayquaza Edition (PRE for short)   Tue Apr 07, 2009 11:23 am

name: Bella Rose Jovel
rank: Ex-Gym Leader, Now Trainer
pokemon: Roserade, Ludicolo, Leafeon, Dragonair, Infernape, Pokemon Egg (Will hatch into a ??????? [That I am not sharing til later.])
little about you character: Bella was a Grass Type Gym Leader [hehe] she quit because she didn't want to be stuck in the gym all day, instead she wanted to be out exploring Shinnoh.
description: Hair: Blonde with Green tips, long reaches her lower back. Eyes: Grey in artifical light, change color to blue in the sunlight. Clothing: I'm stealing Cynthia's style for this Character.
your home town/city: HeartHome City
good or bad: Good

Question time:
Is this like a Role Play then? Or just like a interactive story? Or are they the same... ?

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Rayquaza Edition (PRE for short)   Tue Apr 07, 2009 11:26 am

no its like a story book with chapters but your aloud to inter fere with other characters

my story :}

name: Harry Isaac (the last name is not my real last name it just what i could think of)
rank: beginner
pokemon: chimchar
little about you character: he had taken the champion recently and likes to travel the world
description: something like this http://thumb2.webshots.net/t/63/463/4/71/60/2676471600074921702jQdOpi_th.jpg
your home town/city: Sunnyshore City
good or bad: good

well this story starts here at Sunnyshore City, were proffessor Rowand is comming for his monthly visity to the lake and stops by Sunnyshore for his relaxing week off once a and he also comes to visites Harry's brother Volker , but this visite is very special because Harry will be getting my first pokemon today He had not taken his time to choise between Turtwig, Piplup or chimchar and he immdeatly chose chimchar. He waited and waited untill proffessor rowand appeared in the distants in his shiny red ferrari.

The proffessor drives through and heads for the gym as he pass me by Harry can see he is not alone this time, he has a girl in the car, he couldn't see so well but she had orangy hair and wore sun glasses thats all i could see.

Harry took a short cut to get to the gym faster through the back and around, he had reached the gym just in time, Professor Rowand and the girl were just comming out of the car, Harry's brother was waiting at the door of the gym and came out to great Rowand.

"Ah Proffessor Rowand, how was the trip here from Sangem town?" Volkner said

"It was long and Candice gives you here best wishes." Rowand said. Candice was the ice gym leader in snow point city Volkner and Candice go way back to when they were kids before Candice moved to Snowpoint city they were best of friends.

"So who is thi?" Volkner said

"Ah this is Misty the water gym leader from Kanto, she came here for a little vacation and Proffessor Oak wants me to show here around." Rowand explained

"Its nice to meat you Misty." Volker said while looking deeply into her eyes. Harry came out and went up to the group "Ah there is my Brother now, he has been waiting for his pokemon for a long time Rowand."

"Ah yes your pokemon, which one did you want again?" Rowand asked

"Can i have a Chimchar proffessor?" Harry questioned

"sertainly, go chimchar!" rowand shouted while throughing a red and white ball. A little monkey apeared out of the red light. "Do you like the Chimchar?"

"Yes very much thank you." harry said happily, Rowand handed Harry the pokeball that held chimchar.

"chim" yelled the chimchar

"Oh so you chose the fire starter, my friend Ash liked fire pokemon he had a magnificent charisard." Misty said wounderly. After she said that a gigantic BOOMING sound happend and black smoke appeared and Misty was gone.

"WHAT THE HELL!" shouted Volkner

"This isn't good this must have been done by team galatic." rowand said nervously, because once he tells Oak he will go balistic

"Someones gotta do something."Harry said, and the chimchar looked ready to go so Harry and chimchar ran twords the route not knowing where they are heading but knew that they have to save Misty.

"HARRY!" shouted volkner


something like this if your joining and remember you can use any character and you can mention other made up characters (like Harry or Bella)
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Rayquaza Edition (PRE for short)   

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Pokemon Rayquaza Edition (PRE for short)
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