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 Wi Fi problems!

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PostSubject: Wi Fi problems!   Sun Apr 12, 2009 8:24 pm

O.k. on my pokemon platinumI am having 2 Wi Fi problems can anyone help?
1. When I try to upload my battle video onto Wi Fi it says 'There is a problem with your pokemon. Data not sent.'
How do you fix it? Is it because I don't have my location saved on platinum you now like U.S and things like that? But I don't know how to do that how do you do that?

2. When I try to go to GTS a blue screen comes up and it says something like there was a problem shut your system and turn it back on if problem consest contact costumer service.
What is up with that how do you fix it?
Should I just contact the service people?

Also I am not the first person to come acroos problem number 1.

Please some one hel me I tried researching it myself but it did not help any maybe you guys know something they don't know or can find something I didn't find please help me.
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Wi Fi problems!
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