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 Looking For 2 Pokemon Please

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Cupcake Madness

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PostSubject: Looking For 2 Pokemon Please   Sat Apr 18, 2009 3:44 am

If anybody has an EV trained Sceptile or an EV trained Dodrio with Brave Bird, i will trade you one of my pokemon below.

Cresselia Lv. 50
Flygon Lv. 100
Ninetales Lv. 100
Jolteon Lv. 100
Swellow Lv. 100
Gardevoir Lv. 100
Breloom Lv. 31
Blaziken Lv. 100
Rotom Lv. 20
Donphan Lv. 100
Flareon Lv. 47
Starmie Lv. 37
Froslass Lv. 40
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Looking For 2 Pokemon Please
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