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 Desperat Ray Wives

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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:02 am

never mind, I misread it. I'm not doing well with my reading or my typing for that matter atm >.>

Nice chapter, I can't wait for more.

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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:02 am

Good chapter Chrono - you'll have to post the next part soon! I was laughing at quite a few parts of the new chapter. It was very entertaining.

Nobody knows how Rialys had two children? O.O Hmm...

Oh, chrono, how do you tell people that you died? XD

Poor Konata... getting tricked into welcoming back the dead guy that everyone knew... I was expecting more of a reaction from PN, Kass and Rialys when they realised it was chrono though but apart from that it was all good.

Bring on the next part!
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Pokemon Lover
Pokemon Lover

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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:37 pm

Barely read this today but lol.
Good chapter, made me laugh Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:46 pm

Lucy Cups was a hardworking, active, go=getter, head strong woman. She liked to show off her new car, her children's report card, her new dress, but all of this was to covering up for the fact that she was lonely, her children were sent to boarding school to get the best possible education, and her Husband usually worked abord. She useually has competitions with Rialys for who is the riches, which usually ends up inRialys loosing and Monkey doesn't like to get into comflict. One lonely night for Lucy Cups, she was gettting the house ready for her eldest daughter Samantha to retourn to cantabury lane the road 4 blocks down. On the day of her arrival Lucy woke up like a normal day, ate a balance breakfast, like a normal day, took a shower,as she would normaly do, and straightened her hair. She went downstairs and put Lunch in the oven, and to give the house one last wash, she brought out her bucket and and mop and started to fill the bucket with water and soap. There was a sound of a buzz and Lucy had a little fright and spilt water and soap everywhere. She turned the water off and sighed, and went to go get a napkin, when she got it she smelt burning and went to go take it out forgeting all about the spill, she slipped and hit hur head on the counter. What Lucy didn't know what she left the straighteners on, and the carput had cought fire. Yes Lucy Cups hardworking,active, go-getter, head strong woman was slowly bing burnt alive.

Kass: Yes Mrs Tailor ill tell boy not to hit your son.
Tailor: He was badly hurt you know.
kass: What do you want from me, money? respect? I truly cant give you that at this given time!
Tailor: Iam not asking for you money who do you think i am?

Mrs Juan Tailor, here in raysteria lane since 2005, good friends with Mrs Sam Green, her son same age as Mercury and class are rivals in everything, but one day Tommy Tailor annoyed boy, by making fun of his name.

*out with firends*
Boy: haha suzie you still think you can take a hot airbaloon to the moon?
Suzie: yea, why wont it work?
marley: Oh boy dont make fun of suzie, i still love you babes!
Richie: yea but your just woman so thats no diffrent
suzie and marley: RICHIE!
Tommy: Oh look who it is!
Derek: Oh yea its boy,suzie,marley and richie tommy, you know them we go to schoool with them.
Tommy: Derek i was trying to be all gangster you know saying "oh look who it is"
Derek: Oh right
Marley: What do you want tommy?
Tommy: Just do declair my love to such a B-E-A-UTIFUL woman!
Marley: HA jog on.

*tommy grabs marleys arm*

Tommy: Please Marley i love you!
Marley: Get off
Tommy: I loved you since i laid eyes on you!
Boy: HEY! you heard the lady! go away!
Tommy: Oh and what are you going to do about it? Call you mum so she can give me a wierd name like yours! to be honnest what was your mum thinking "boy" ha she must have been high when she had you, well that explains why your so messed up.
suzie: thats a bit harsh.
Richie: Uncalled for.

Boy was always a mamas boy, he loved kass with all he could and when somene insulted her, boy would give no mercy, but on this accation without verbaly abusing Tommy, boy jumped on him and started punching him.*

Mrs Tailor: You dont think your son should be like in jail or something?
Kass riases eye brow*
Kass: excuse me! i think your son should be punished for calling me a h*r*
Tailor: MY SON, well mrs Bines i will make sure everyone knows about the crulety of your son, and how children should stay away from him, just because my son said something out of order odesn't me he has to go break arm!
Kass: well when you stop shopping at the 99p store.
Tailor: so you get alot of good stuff from there.
Kass: that nice dress you wore at the stanfords engadgement party?
Tailor: how did you know?
Kass: just say i have sorces, and BOY! would you like to show mrs tailor out?
Tailor: thats alright i was just leaving.
kass: not a word.
Tailor: well i will see.

Monkey: Ok well wheres chrono then?
Rialys: he went out. Erm Julia is getting a party sorted we gotta make supreme lazaniga, i dont know why she keeps thinking were italian. do i look italian?
Monkey: Well whens the party i can look up some recpies and we can get the ingredience tomorrow.
Rialys: oh its tonight.
Monkey: well have you started?
Rialys: Nooooo, i dont know how to make lazagnia.
monkey: how much do we have to make!
Rialys: well we have to make it for everyone on the lane? you know how big julias house is, i was going to suggest it here, but i was like nah chrono's not that inportant.
Monkey: you havent seen him in years, everyone thought he died, we even had a funeral! remember and you poored wine and got into a cat fight with roberta because you said she was prettier that you.
Rialys: Ahh yes good times, i was winning till the security gaurd came in and pulled me off and she got that sucker punch.
Monkey: you had to admit it was a good punch.
Rialys: yea it hurt a bit. that should show her not to wear something better than me. why was she even there she barly new chrono.
Monkey: Her husband works with chrono? dont you remember?
Rialys: seriously dont remember, anyway the lazagnia?
Monkey: how about i run down to the stoor and buy some and we heat it, and pretend we made it!
Rialys: YEa you better hurry tho, store closes soon.

PN: oh god damm.
Mercury: Mum who are you looking at?
PN: The gardener.
Mercury: wow not interested.
Pn: oh my god.

knock knock knock

Charlotte: Hello?
Mercury: CHARLOTTE!!!
Charlotte: HI BRO, how are you?
Mercury: Its good to see you its been years.
Charlotte: well traveling the world with Malcolm.
Malcolm: Mercury come help us with these bags?
Mercury: Wow how long are you staying?
Charlotte: well till we find a house we thought we would like to settle and move to RAYSTERIA! anyway wheres mum?
Mercury: wow thats cool! and erm on the phone looking at the gaurdener.
Charlotte: is this another one of her get a new husband scheme?
Mercury: I dont know to be honnest?
Charlotte: nice to see you too mum!
Pn: oh its felt like a life time since i last seen you. OH everyone will be so happy to see you at the party tonight!
Charlotte: a party for who?
Pn: you know chrono?
Charlotte: oh chrono, malcolm chrono was like an uncle to me, he used to baby sit me.
Pn: yea well everyone thought he died and all of a sudden he came back, so were hosting a suprize party, HEY you should invite him! he loves you!
charlotte: a suprize party? dont you think thats a bit much? what happens if he doesnt come?
Pn: well we have tired talking to him yesterday, but he was locked in his house, he even got rid of rialys, and you know when rialys wants something she doesnt go away and she gets angry aswell.
Mercury: yea at chrono's "funeral" when she got into a cat-fight with roberta, that was funny.
Malcolm: oh Merucyr dont laugh at woman when they fight, you film it!
Mercury: i was only like 6.
Pn: yea well thats not the point. anyway i didnt expect you so i dont have a place for malcolm unless you like the sofa?
Malcolm: the sofa sounds like heaven at the moment! Brazil we were sleeping on the floor!
Pn: did you take some pictures i would love to see them!

Monkey: iam home, you will never belive what i saw.
Rialys: what? and did you get the expencive lazagnia, i promissed homemade junk!.
Monkey: yea i got it, and i was driving threw and you know lucy cups?
Rialys: dont remind me about her, remember her wedding?
Monkey: yea how did you get cow ontop of the buffet?
Rialys: dont ask. anyway whats up then?
Monkey: well i was driving past and her house was burnt down and an ambulance was outside taking someone in. i got out and ask, and someone siad the house just spontanously combusted, and people tried to help, but it looks like it was too late.
Rialys: wow........that makes no differnece to my life.
Monkey: can you et least show some remorse?
Rialys: you know its wierd somoen come to raysteria and someone dies. Do you think someone died when we came here?
Monkey: NO, tis just a coincidence, nothing more so lets beging cooking.

Ray: how do we even know chrono is going, and the party dont start till 8 when chrono is suppoze to "show up".
Kass: well were i promised julia i would come and help set up, and the more hands the faster we set up!
Ray: you really think our two five year old boys are going to sit quietly while we wait?
Kass: no but hopefullly you could be on my side, and help come on we havent seen chrono in years and i wanted to give him something special.
Ray: well why dont you go early and i help the boys get ready, this way we wont get in the way, adn i will send sasuke over as soon as hes ready, alright?
Kass: fine fine fine. but dont be late. everythings gotta be perfect!

*kass leaves*

Sasuke: whats up?
ML: DADDY yannik threw lego at me!
Boy: would you guys just shut up!
Ray: boy dont be mean there only five, and yannik dont throw lego, we told you this when he threw lego hit mrs culters dog and you took its eye out? anyway boys tonight is a special night, so jobs; sasuke get ready as fast as you can, to go help your mother, boy go run the bath and put the boys in it, ill come as soon as i finish the pizza. and then go get ready! boys go take a bath..
Boy; F.M.L
Ray: whats fml?
Boy. F.M.L god.
Sasuke: dad dont ask.
Ray: fine GO,GO,GO

Xero: mummy do i smell lazagnia?
Zane: can i have a piece?
Rialys: ahh looks nice doesn't it boys? here each try a piece?
Xero: mmm tast good!
Rialys: ok let me cut it! ok monkey take the boys to go have a bath, then i will shower and then you shower than we go

20 mins later*

pn: mercury are you ready to go?
Charlotte: iam sure we will be fine!
Pm: its a suprize party i think your suppoze to a suprize we dont want to be late, MERCURY!
mercuyr: iam comming, iam comming! god just one second.
malcolm: ahh younge minds so taint.
Char: wow calm down.
Charlotte: all ready LETS GO!.

10 mins later*

Rialys: knock knock. we brought laziagnia.
JuliaL oh thank you! your a life saver.
Rialys: well we try, homecooking good as we always say.
xero: but mum you got it from..
Rialys: not now.
ring ring*
Julia: Hello? oh hes comming? really? EVERYONE HIDE!!!!!
Kass: god i hope ray and the boys come soon.
Pn: dont worry iam sure they will.
julia: SHHHH EVERYONE QUIET! RIALYS turn the lights off if you will!
Rialys: HOW!
Sam green: fine ill doo it.

sound of key going into socket. door open, light on..

everyoone: SUPRIZE!!!!
Chrono: wow didn't expect this.
Char: chrono!
chrono: hi everyone. oh mrs olderton i see your still breathing! come party later? you know dancing?
Rialys: ooooo chrono its good to see your, BUT YOU DIED how are you still here!
Chrono: to be honnest i knew you three would stay away and give me space, but for the whole day people have been comming up and asking, so ill tell you all. basically i needed to leave, so i ask jerry, hey jerry, to help fake my death, i didn't expect to come back, but times changed and well somoene wanted to come here.
Pn: woo,who? who is it?
Chrono: let me introduce you to my fiancey, Fiona! she's a therepist who i met at theropy and who i met outside mcdonalds, and she said ineeded to get rid of supressed tension that lies here.
Pn: so we gave you tension from afar?
Chrono: well all will be clear in due time! well lets just injoy the party..

so how you likeing the series???? coment, rate, love <3
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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:06 am

I finally got time to read every story but lmao its pretty interesting and funny.

Kinda bad most of the people in the story are pretty much gone..or barely here but, Still pretty cool
Hope to see more soon Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:54 pm

I thought I was gonna capture merc. Aww. Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Fri Jul 15, 2011 3:57 pm

Due to popular demand (and a threats from being banned by chris) i have decided to resurrect my Popular story of the three ladies on Raysteria Lane. If you are new to the story please take your time and read the story. Please forgive me but i have forgotten where i was going with the story line still standing and have decided to give it up...so just bare with me... Also if you are new to the forum i USE everyone in the story (or try too) if you desperatly dont want to be in the story, please PM me and you will not be mentioned, if you really want to be mentioned but i havent please do PM me, dont take offence of you character it is a completely an over exaduration like really Chris is an interial designer....also as a side warning my spelling and grammar is awful (according to some members) and has been nicknamed Chonanian (or something like that) and if you dont mind just spend time with me and you will learn it lol.... ANNNNnway.......


1 year after the events above (we dont really need to care what happened), Raysteria lane had been very quiet and everyone lived peacefully until one rainfull evening, a house was for sale for a long time until one Morning..

Outside- PN

Rialys: Hey Pn, whats up.
Pn: Having a good run? really good. Anyway i got something to tell you and Kass.
Rialys: Oh where is that corpse.
Pn: I dunno i haven't really seen her and ray for a while.
Rialys: Monkey said they been spending some "quality time" but we knows what that means
Pn: You dont think sometihng is wrong, Heeeey maxie whats up.
Max: You wont believe it!
Pn: Do you know?
Max: If you and me are thinking of the same thing i think we just might have.
Rialys: oh come on tell me, im a big girl.
Pn: Yea you were, but it looks like you lost most of you Pregnant fat.
Rialys: well you know me, i mean i wasn't going to let a little chubbyness to ruin me. I am a model after all.
Max: Rigggght, anyway since the slow one doesn't know, i cant keep it any longer, we might have a new neighbour.
Rialys: A new...nei..gh..bour?
Pn: Yea i know, that house where the old lady killed herself...
Max: ...And her daughter
Pn: and her daughter, konata wasn't it?
Max: something like that..
Rialys: TELL ME!
Pn: well someone bought that house.


Chris: Ok, first things first, how much money did we loose in that Deal.
Rok: Not much Chris, it wasn't a big deal.
Chris: It was important, I mean Mrs Hayley put me in charge of getting Dante for the interview for the magazine but that was a waist of money.
Rok: Oh dont worry we still have that interview with that Chef and health guru friend of yours Gabrante, we can use that.
Chris: Yes i kno..
Rok: Well we work for one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world, you know that top model Rialys, we could use her.
Chris: I see what you mean Rok, we havent used her have we, I think i just might....

5 mins later

Rialys: So who do you think moved there?
Pn: I don't know, Oh chris what brings you here?
Chris: Nothing much, just have to ask Rialys something.
Rialys: Moi?
Max: Oh rialys stop acting like your excited or else you might let youself go again.
Rialys: Well maxie its good to feel needed sometimes. Anyway yes.
Chris: I rather speak in public.
Rialys: well give me five minutes we are trying to think who moved into the new house.
Chris: Oh you dont know? Hayley Posh and her new husband moved in.
Pn: Oh who might that be.
Chris: Oh i don't know.
Max: mmm mm mmm another fashion slu...
Rialys: Watch it max!
Max: What ever.


Kass: its right here boy, where i told you to hang it up.
Boy: YEa but i rather have it here.
Kass: Sigh.
Ray: Oh my god Kass, did you not finish this document its in for today.
Kass: Well sorry Ray, but i've been kinda buisy you know raising children.
Ray: Yea well i have been swwwwampped with work and you promised you will help.
Kass: There is no need i have done half of it anyway, i'll just..
Ray: That is just not good enough kass.
Kass: Well if you dont want help then i wont.
Ray: Well you been reaching under par with your effort.
Kass: well let me...
boy: mum come on were going to be late..
Kass: Im comming sweety, just give me a second
Boy: We gotta go now!
Ray: Just go Kassandra we can finish this later, if i still have a job.
Kass: Dont blame me, your not really helping raise the kids!

3 minutes later.

Pn: Ahh kass there you are.
Kass: i cant talk i gotta take boy to his friends birthday Party.
Pn: Oh right, but quickly..
Boy: Mum!
Pn: did you hear who moved into the new house?
Kass: Oh who?
Rialys: HAYLEY EFFING POSH and her husband
Kass: Oh not another Fashion person you hate Rialys, god do you just hate everyone in fashion.
Rialys: She stole my boyfriend.

*all of a sudden the door opens to the Posh house, and out walks hayley and her husband.

Pn: Oh my god
Max: I didn't see that one comming
Rialys: Wow he looks really good.
Chris: Who is he?
Kass: RIALYS, why would he be here?


Hope you enjoyed it

Comment, Rate, Enjoy! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:46 pm

Coming soon to a forum board near you....

Kass: Everybody can't leave, this street is our home!

This year, strange events are happening on raysteria lane.

Boy: Its been like two years since she died.

Problems like never befor.

Pn: Mercury take out the rubbish
Mercury: No.

Friends turning into enamies.

Chris: I've been nominated for the nobel peace prise!
Ray: Why?

All happening right here.

Rialys: What are you doing here!
Luna: I can be anywhere i want!

Comming soon!

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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Sun Mar 25, 2012 4:13 pm

I wish i got to know the older members...
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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:09 am

Strange events, eh? Well, I can't wait to read what happens next. Another reason to look forward to the upcoming weekend! Its a shame that quite a few of the older members have left us, but perhaps we'll see some new characters in the new chapter?

Anyway, I do hope everyone's brushing up on their Chrononian language in readiness for Sunday! xD
Just kidding, Chrono - your writing skills have improved greatly over the time.
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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:29 pm

SEASON OPENING (new stories since i forgot where i was going with the other ones, ill try to weave them in and out, but bare with me with the story, you don't have to have read the previous instalments, but they do help as they give an idea of what characters are like)

Also chris my spelling has improved because of google chromes spell check.

Partying, everyone does it, teenagers, the elderly, even children. There are many different types of partying. Some parties go good and some parties go bad. Luna Lovedragon was a woman of parties and here parties were quite the even on the lane. She would serve drinks, entertain guests and smile making sure everyone was having a good time.

10 minutes befor the party guests are going to arrive*

Reshiram: What? The windows?
Allen: Just do what your mother says Reshi.
Reshi: What ever you say....
Allen: It wont take me long to get ready, look I'm going now see?
Reshi: Oh i give up, im going to go to my room.
Luna: NO TIME! Here hold this try and greet guests saying "May i take your coat sir? would you like some dip madam?" Got that?
Reshi: Yes Luna.
Luna: Please, I thought I told you to call me Mum, expecially on the lane, you know how that PN loves to judge people.
Allen: See I'am ready.
Luna: You look like a right mess, OH SNAP my Duck Shepherds Pie is ready! Will love to see the look on Kassandras face
Allen: Seriouslly, Why do you go down to their level, we havel lived on the street for six years, and you haven't got involved with them, you host your parties, you invite them you have a little joke and that's it, they judge you because their jealous.
Luna: Of what, my perfect house? Rialys has a better one. My cooking ability? Apparently I wasn't good enough to work in Kass's restaurant. the only one i can actually feel good about is PN.
Allen: But why do you care? You never cared.
Luna: Because for six years they have never once come up to me and asked if I wanted to join them on a night out.
Allen: Then why host these parties and get so worked up.
Luna: Because I can.

*knock knock*

Reshi: Hello sir may I take your coat, would you like some dip madam?
Luna: Oh Rialys, Monkey so good to see you. Kiss Kiss. Hows the children.
Monkey: Well they are fine thank you Luna, how is erm, what ever that is your doing.
Luna: Nothing, but Allen tells me the hospital is going well?
Monkey: Alot of pap...
Rialys: Yea yea hospital, dead people, crying babies, all very interesting, wheres the wine, its been a long day and I..am in desperate need for a drink.
Luna: Well its right over there.
Monkey: Wow Reshi man you sure have gotten big, you know Xero and Zane would have come but they are at the Bines's house having a movie night with Sasuke and Boy and a few other kids from the street, why don't you go over?
Reshi: I would, but I wasn't invited, nor I don't think my mum would let me.
Monkey: Hey well when Kass comes why dont we ask her?
Reshi: Thats ok I'm fine serious!
Monkey: Ok, if you say so.
Allen: Hey monkey, did you hear about the Robinson report....

*knock knock*

Reshi: Hello Sir may i take your coat? and would you like some dip madam? Oh.
PN: Erm you can take my coat, and i would love some dip.
Rialys: OOo Pn glad to see your arrived, I was like oo awkward here to a party first, but you know monkey always has to be on the dot.
PN: Well I would have come later but there something i need to tell you....In private.
Rialys: oh sure sure sure.
Luna: see i told you, she didn't even say hello or "thanks for the invite Luna!" god.
Allen: I don't see what your planning.
Luna: Just you wait by the end of my plan, the Lain will be different place HA...HA HA HA.
Allen: Oookay.
Monkey: Luna this dip is amazing, did you ever think of getting your own place? or making a book, something!

*knock knock*

Reshiram: Hello sir, may i take your coat? Also would you like some dip mam?
Adriana: Ahh no dip has to much calories
Max: haha i don't have a coat, he Luna, Allen thanks for the invite, lovely place you got here.
Adriana: Yes quite the place.
Max: Oh by the way i dont think i introduced you guys, this is my wife Adriana shes a model.
Allen: Well hello, I am Allen a Doctor, may i add.
Adriana: Pleasure.
Luna: Allen, deary, go get some more drinks from the kitchen.
Rialys: AAAAAADRIANA! what a surpise to see you here? still married to max i see
Adriana: still wearing to much make up i see.
Rialys: Always the Charmer, PN this is my friend and coligue, Adriana.
Adriana: Its a pleasure to meet you, PN is it?
PN: stands for patrica but i prefer PN.
Adriana: Yes its an improvement.

*knock knock*

Reshi: Hello sir, may i take your coat? Also would you like some dip madam?
Kassandra: Oh my god Ray, can you stop moaning
Rialys: Oh the happy couple is here.
Ray: I wouldn't have to moan if you just listen to me once in a while.
Kass: Your sounding like that broken record, you know the one we had in college that made that CHAGOOOOA sound when we played it.
Ray: You have taken my buisness and made it your own, we used your design, your buisness plan, your staff. I have no choices, we even did your menu!
Kass: MY MENU WORKS! my whole scheme works! were making money arent we! you were happy with my ideas for 4 years, why all of a sudden now!
Ray: I've had enough of this conversation, Iam here to enjoy the party.
Luna: Kass, ray is everything all right?
Kass: Everything is all right if it wasn't for this LUNATIC!
Ray: I can't do this.

*Ray walks out*

PN: Kass honey are you alright?
Kass: I don't know we argue alot not.
Luna: Well that was surely interesting anyway dip?

*more guests beging to arrive and the party was a sucess Luna Kass Pn Rialys and Max are the only people left sitting aroudn the table*

Max: Wow, Luna that was a great party
Kass: You did well tonight
Luna: Oh stop it was nothing, just my normal duty.
Rialys: Hmmm I hope the men don't stay out too late thought, there was alot of drinking.
Luna: Oh Rialys, Monkey is responsible im sure he will be fine.
PN: Yet least you all got somebody, serioussly im fishing in the kiddy pool at the moement
Kass: The what?
Rialys: Look PN, You will find someone other that Soccerryle im sure, what ever happened to him anyway?
PN: I'm not sure, he just disapeared althought, I do get this strange feeling that somebody is watching me.
Max: I had that once, everywhere I went I could feel like eyes were following me, so i went to father Adrian and asked him to help me. He was all like the power of chris compell you. And the eyes stopped. True story.
Pn: thanks for that, now spirituality aside, I honnestly do feel something is out there.
*foot steps from the kitchen as someone enters the living room*
Soccerryle: Hello, PN.
Rialys: SWEET MAMA OF NAZARETH, oh soccerryle you scared me, wait...soccerryle, gosh you got old? do you not moisturise.
Soccerryle: Oh Rialys, how i have missed your naivity.
PN: Why are you here? I thought..
Soccerryle: I came back...
PN: You cant have Mercury.
Soccerryle: I don't want just Mercury, I want you PN. I miss being with you.
Luna: Serioussly what the f**k is going on, what every kind of crazy sh*t you have going on in your guys life can you keep this out of my house.
Max: Girl cant you see this is an intense moment.
Luna: No, serioussly you have 3 seconds for all of you to get out of my house!
Soccerryle: I dont think that will be neccessary *Pulls our a gun* sit down
Kass: This just got real.
Max: hmmmhmm
Soccerryle: As i was saying PN, your comming with me.
PN: Iam not going anywhere. There are more of us then there are of you.
Rialys: Yea but, I don't have the right shoes to fight, and i just got my nails done, also I Max just got a haircut, and Luna, well Luna don't really care for either of us, so its just you and Kass and hes the man with the gun.
Soccerryle: Listen to your friend.
PN: Thanks for the help Rialys.

Reshiram was hiding upstairs when he heard all of this going on, he snuck downstairs and when into the kitchen while they were all talking, he pulled out a knife and went up behind Soccerryle and stabbed and killed.

DO DO DO DODO *theme song*
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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Mon Apr 02, 2012 6:37 pm

chrono...IM GENDERLESS!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:08 am

A good instalment Chrono, with a surprising conclusion.

It is also good to see that you have created some new characters.

The only criticism I have is that there could have been a bit more tension created at the end where Reshiram stabs and kills Soccerryle (who's have thought... Reshiram's a killer...), but that said, you have left me wondering what happens next!

By the way, your spelling is getting much better - even those who are not yet fluent in the Chrononian language will be able to read this chapter! Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:13 am

did i also metion IM A PEACFUL LEGENDARY!
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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:19 am

Reshiram wrote:
did i also metion IM A PEACFUL LEGENDARY!

Desperate Ray Wives says otherwise... xD
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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Fri Jul 13, 2012 6:04 pm

just read all of it, EPIC, make a book out of it haha
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PostSubject: Re: Desperat Ray Wives   Sun Jul 22, 2012 3:40 pm

I really love that this is kind of still going, Chrono. You're doing a great job. I love it hahaha. Smile You really should make like an E Book, I'd buy it. Razz

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Desperat Ray Wives
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