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 ideas for wii users for the cb very important

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PostSubject: ideas for wii users for the cb very important   Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:17 pm

cheers ok here is an idea for people that use the wii. (mainly me and travis and some other people)
since just about everybody knows i cant really type or anything in the cb ihave came up with an idea since i can only click names and use smilies this is wat the smilies mean
if i use the cheers smiley the one with the hands in the air that means i would like to regular battle you. please other wii users if you are stuck with only smileys and name clicks follow this. i will click on the name of the person i want to battle so there is little confusion for each action i will do the same thing. anyway if i send you a pm i will click your name than use the santa smiley. if someone says something about a trade and i have what they are looking for i will use the raindeer smiley. obviously i am gonna use twisted and evil for yes and no.
gym leaders that will be in the cb if i would like a gym battle i will use the explosion smiley. obvious you dont have to accept. i will just send the smiley with it sticking out its tongue to be funny. well i really hope this will help with chatting in the cb. i know it might be confusing @ first but so far it will be the only way to chat

also sorry if i posted this in the wrong spot cause technicaaly its not about pokemon its about the cb which deals with pokemon so i didnt know where to put it

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ideas for wii users for the cb very important
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