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 sinnoh world

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PostSubject: sinnoh world   Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:48 pm

i got bored so i made this also look for some people from the site in my story
chapter 1 Haven

Narrator:One fun sunny day in twinleaf town Brendan Haseo sleeps in his tommorrow clothes that are black skinny jeans and a white shirt with a belt and black vans also a bag and a hat to wake up early and get started on a journy to become a expert champion.

*Brendan yawns*
Brendan:i have to get up
Brendan's sister Ashley:get up sleepy bum you have to go talk to the professor
Brendan:did he call us
Ashley:yes he called your cell phone
*Brendan checks phone in his pocket*
Brendan: wahhhhh 25 missed calls and 30 text messages from Haven

Narrarator:haven is Brendan's best friend he is son of the professor in the reigon
he likes to wear skinny black jeans and a white t-shirt with a belt and a bag with a hat

Brendan:wait where is my pokemon i swear i had munchlax, piplup, turtwig, and chimchar here somewhere
Ashley:check your belt smart one
Brendan:ohh right
*Brendan packs for journy*
*Brendan's cell phone rings*
Brendan: hello??
Haven: HIYA
Brendan:meet me at my house in 5 minutes ok
Haven:ok i will
*brendan hangs up*
Brendan: wow i cant wait to see what lengendary pokemon the professor will give me
*Haven comes barging through the street on his staravia*
Haven:watch out Ms. peckerfield
Ms. peckerfield:you better be more careful next time Haven
Haven:ill try my best
*Haven goes to doorstep*
*Brendan is waiting on the porch*
Brendan:ready to start our journy
Haven: well we first have to see wat legendary pokemon we get from the professor

Narrator:well thats how the starts now lets see how it ends

also BTW: Ms. peckerfield-some old lady that likes to get to know ppl she tells everyone about her pokemon journies as a kid

Ashley-Brendan's think she is smart little sister

Brendan- a teenager about to start a journy with pokemon like munchlax and the starter pokemon

Haven-Brendan's goofy friend that likes to cause trouble his pokes are turtwig chimchar lapras and staravia

beginning to chapter 2:
Brendan:Haven do you think i should get these legendaries
Haven:should i get this one Brendan.

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PostSubject: Re: sinnoh world   Thu Jul 02, 2009 8:41 am

why is everyone emo? 2/4 characters wear emo clothes....and they are emo clothes....
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PostSubject: Re: sinnoh world   Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:16 am

no they are not emo

Chapter 2 coming on Friday
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PostSubject: Re: sinnoh world   Thu Jul 02, 2009 2:34 pm

I agree with chrono - they are emo clothes XD

Anyways, I wonder how the story will continue...
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PostSubject: Re: sinnoh world   Thu Jul 02, 2009 3:44 pm

aww im so bored

Chapter 2:the professor's LABBBB

Narrator:Its was once again a sunny day, no clouds and Brendan and Haven were riding thier bikes to the professor's lab

Brendan:i hope there is a good one
Haven:well i dont really care what i get i just hope it is powerful
Brendan: well yeah doesnt everyone

Narrator:so then Brendan and Haven make it to the pokemon lab
and opens the door

HAven:DADDDDDD you here

*Brendan hears a machine noise*
Brendan:wow thats not weird at all

*professor comes out*

Professor:welcome Haven and Brendan
Brendan's Dad:hi guys wats up
Brendan:umm we came for our legendaries
Professor:ohhh right do you want to see which ones i have
Brendan and Haven together:Sure
Professor:here they are they are Lugia,Sucine,deoxys,raikou,entei,celebi,RAYQUAZA,moltres,articuno,and zapdos
Brendan:wow can i have a suicune and Lugia
professor:sure Brendan
Machine:rrrrrrrr rawr gjuuuuuuuuu
*Brendan got suicune and Lugia
Haven: can i have a Celebi and Moltres
Professor:umm sure Haven
*machine stops for 1 minute*
Haven:umm dad can i have my pokemon now
Professor:I dont know ill go check
Brendan's dad: ok BOY
Brendan: wow i hope you dont get a dumb pokemon like dunsparce
*machine spits out 2 poke balls*
*Haven picks them up and checks them*
Haven:come on out pokemon!!!
*a tangela and luvdisc pop out*
Haven:uhhhh Dad
professor Boy:umm i dont know you only get one choice and those are yours
Brendan's Dad:Ok i guess your off now then you should have these
*Brendan's dad gives Brendan and Haven a map and a Poke'dex

Ixion:muwahahaha we shall steal all of the pokemon in the world
Mercury:yes we shall eat icecream and play games
*they overlook the legendary hit list*
Evil masked leader:yes we shall take these legendaries and control the world!

Narrator:so thats the end of this capter
with Haven and Brendan setting off on there journy to become the best trainer in the world and evil pokemon hunters trying to take over all of the legendary pokemon and all the others in the whole sinnoh reigon


Professor Boy-a pokemon professor that has seen every pokemon in the whole world and is the father of Haven

Brendan's Dad-often called Dad by Brendan he is the professor's assistant that likes to oversee Haven and Brendan's training and is also the father of Brendan{if you hadnt noticed}

Evil Masked Leader:??????? all we know so far is he is evil, masked and unkwon wait also he is the leader of some pokemon hunters

Ixion- is an evil person and he likes to set evil in the world
the lieutenant of the mask leader guy

Mercury-some dude that likes to try hard and goof off while doing it no one knows why he is the group because he doesnt act evil at all

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PostSubject: Re: sinnoh world   Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:00 pm

sleeping in jeans? thats very uncomfortable
i hope the machine breaks and he gets a dunsparce
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PostSubject: Re: sinnoh world   Thu Jul 02, 2009 6:29 pm

ixion124 wrote:
sleeping in jeans? thats very uncomfortable
i hope the machine breaks and he gets a dunsparce
no its not do you still sleep in PJ's or your footey PJs

Chapter 3 is coming soonnnnn.....

heres the 3rd chapter

Narrator:It was a fine sunny day with Haven and Brendan nothing is in there way except oone trainer

Brendan:oh look a person i wonder if he will join our group
*trainer looks up*
Trainer:alright lets battle
*brendan and HAven slide down hill
*Brendan draws out pokemon*
Trainer:GO Nidoking!!
Brendan: go Piplup
Brendan:Piplup use water gun
trainer:Nidoking dodge
Brendan:shoot we missed
Haven:ohh im starving.... Brendan hurry up
*Haven's tummy growls*
Brendan:ok well here goes Piplup use water gun
Trainer:Nidoking use double kick
*nidoking gets hit*
Brendan:almost piplup
*piplup gets hit by double kick*
*piplup faints*
Brendan:return piplup
Trainer:wow that piplup is sure weak you emo freak
Brendan: how dare you
Brendan:you can comment on my clothes hurtfully but you can never ever comment on piplups good fighting
Brendan:GO Suicune!!!!
Trainer: ohh crapp
Brendan:suicune use bubble
TRainer:dodge nidoking and use horn drill
Brendan:dodge Suicune and use bubble again
*nidoking faints*
Trainer:noo my only pokemon
Brendan:hmm what a shame
Trainer:Hmph i never got your name
Brendan:my name is Brendan whats yours
HAven:my name is Haven lets go Brendan
Maple:wait you guys
Brendan:what is it
Maple:Can i go with you to go travel sinnoh
Brendan:sure if you know how to get out of here
Maple:i do

Narrator:so that is the end of the chapter and Brendan and HAven have a new friend and they are traveling sinnoh together
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PostSubject: Re: sinnoh world   Fri Jul 10, 2009 1:06 pm

Chapter 4:

Narrarator:so the day is good sun shining and a little cloudy

*Brendan wakes up*
Brendan:HAven maple get up
*berndan takes pillow*
Brendan:I saidddd GET UPPPP
*brendan pounds haven and maple*
Maple:you emo freak get away from me
Brendan:what you were the one who asked to go on my journy
Haven:whats with the yelling
HAven: omg its 10:00 we have to get moving

*Evil pokemon hunter grunt:stay there you freaks
other evil grunt:you:heard him
maple ill take this guy
Haven:ill take the other one
another grunt:ill take you then runt
*all trainers six draw pokemon*
Brendan:go turtwig
Maple:draww nidoking
Haven:well umm GO Staravia
Grunts:GO GOlbat
*three traines takes out poke'dex
POke'Dex:Golbat the bat pokemon its sharp claws scratch and its wings help it hover
Brendan:cool ok anyway
Brendan:Turtwig use razor leaf
Grunt:dodge Golbat
Brendan:Brendan turtwig tackle
*GOlbat is hit*
*goolbat faints*
Haven:staravia use quick attack
Grunt:golbat use wing attack
Haven:use dodge staravia
Grunt:use wing attack
Haven:no staravia
*staravia faints*
HAven:come back Staravia
Haven:GO Lapras
Haven:Lapras use Ice beam
Grunt:Golbat use wing attack
*golbat gets hit and faints*
Haven:good job Lapras
Other grunt:Golbat use tackle
Maple:nidoking use double kick
*golbat faints*
Grunts :we were defeated
Haven:i think you just got pawnd my friend

Maple:hey look there is Oreburg

THE END of the chapter
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PostSubject: Re: sinnoh world   Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:42 am

srry for triple posting but

Chapter 5:

this is dumb in the end he defeats the hunters and win the pokemon league

the end

pokemons kinda dumb and i got a girl in my life and i have to spend time with her and then there is skool so i dont care about this site anymore so lock this topic mods/admins
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PostSubject: Re: sinnoh world   Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:31 am

dude have fun with the girl ^.^

anyways it was a nice story...shame you have to end it on the base of girls and school...
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PostSubject: Re: sinnoh world   Wed Aug 12, 2009 11:57 am

You sure do come here a lot for a site you don't care about Suspect

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PostSubject: Re: sinnoh world   

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sinnoh world
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