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PostSubject: Johto   Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:36 am


So here I was, walking down the steps that lead down to the Elite Four battle rooms. Will, Koga, Bruno, Karen, and the Champion -- Lance. Five battles in a row. My Pokemon were secure in their Pokeballs, ready to battle. They had brought me this far, never failing me. Typhlosion, Umbreon, Crobat, Venasaur, Scizor, and Lapras...I entered the first room and the doors behind me shut. Will, the first Elite Four member stood there, waiting for me. I looked into his eyes (covered by his long red hair) with nervousness and surprisingly, he returned it with a small grin. We both took out a Pokeball and as soon as the Pokemon were released from their balls, the battle began. "Go Xatu!" "Go Umbreon!" There was no going back now. I was in the Elite Four, ready to be a champion soon.

Chapter 1

Brrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiingggggggggg!!! As soon as the alarm went off, I sat up on my bed and took a quick glance at the clock.
I had to head out soon to the Professor's lab in order to get my first Pokemon. I quickly dressed, eager to start my Pokemon journey. Grabbing my backpack, I ran out the door, anxious to see if there were any Pokemon left for me.
Professor Elm came to greet me as soon as I pushed the doors open. "Professor! Prof-professor! Are there any P-pokemon left for me? (breathing heavily/out of breath)" "My dear child, of course there are. I have three Pokemon left. Come, I'll show you, and you may pick your starter Pokemon." He walked towards the table with the three Pokeballs and picked up the ball furthest on the left. "In the first ball," he said, "I have a Cyndaquil, which is a fire type. Picking up the second ball, he said, "In the second ball, I have a Totodile, which is a water type.
He grabbed the last remaining ball and told me, "Chikorita, the grass type is in the third ball. They all make very good partners. Choose wisely though. You may want to think about advantages and disadvantages before you do." I really liked all of these Pokemon and they looked really energetic when Professor Elm released them from their balls for a minute to show me what each one looked like. I thought about choosing Chikorita, so I reached for the ball, and my hand suddenly jerked towards the Cyndaquil Pokeball. I stopped myself. Now I wanted two of the Pokemon, but only one could be taken. Cyndaquil looked like it was a little lonely there. It seemed like it needed a good partner and I wanted to be that partner. Don't worry Cyndaquil, I am here to be your partner. We'll have fun together. I promise. I grabbed Cyndaquil's Pokeball. "Ahh, so Cyndaquil it is. You made a very good choice. It will help you a lot when you are struggling in a battle," Professor Elm explained. He handed me five Pokeballs. I snatched them out of his hands before he he could fully explain about using the Pokeballs and yelled thank you in my loudest voice. I was out the door and ready to begin my first adventure.

Note: I need help thinking of the main character's name. Any suggestions?
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PostSubject: Re: Johto   Sun Aug 23, 2009 6:50 am

great story.......lucy? anna? patrica? amy? Sam?

idk....but make a character out of me....that would be good...call him Leon Evans......
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