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 Youtube Videos

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PostSubject: Youtube Videos   Thu Sep 10, 2009 1:53 pm

Ok, so for about 3 months I've been making videos on Youtube about Pokemon.
I record me playing different Pokemon games, and currently I am playing three games.

One is called Rijon Adventures X, a 'game hack'. You probably know what a game hack is, but in short it is an old Pokemon game edited into a new one. Rijon Adventures X is basically a completely new game, remade from Fire Red.

Another is called Slashed Sapphire. Now, this is another game hack... that I personally created. Obviously, it is from Sapphire, and it is basically a harder version. The trainers have harder Pokemon. Also, there are map changes. Such as Route 101, 102, 103 and many after that.

Finally, I am also playing Crystal. No explination needed really, just plain Crystal.

So, check me out! The link is here.

Thanks for reading, and if you would do so please subscribe to my videos.
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Youtube Videos
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