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 Raymainia adverntures...

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PostSubject: Raymainia adverntures...   Mon Dec 28, 2009 5:50 pm

Chapter 1

"Lloyd Wake up, your going to be late to get your pokemon." said a voice.

LLoyd Bee was turning 10 today, and for his tenth birthday, like other boys and girls his age he will be starting his adventure in the region of Raymania. Lloyd was born and raised in the tiny village of Old Oak. Lloyd got dressed , Lloyd had brown hair, quite long and spike at the end. he had hazel eyes, He usually wears a brown shirt, with a blue jacket over it. and wears navy blue jeans. He put on his trainers, and his black fingerless gloves. He made his way down stairs.

"Oh, your all ready. it looks like my baby is all grown up, it seems just like yesterday, i was changing your diapers." said Lloyd;s mum.

"Oh mum, your embarrassing me."Lloyd said looking slightly red.

"so have you thought about the Pokemon your gonna pick? This is important you chose correctly."

"Oh no i havent thought about it since i got the card.hmmm I will just go for fire type it seems the safes."

"Well hurry along Lloyd or your gonna be late."

"Ok , bye Mum, I will call and write"


Lloyd rushed down to the main road in search of the Pokemon Lab, he looked all over Old Oak village.

"hey has anyone know where the pokemon Lab is?"Lloyd asked random people

"Oh hi Lloyd yea it just down this road, turn left and there should be a big gate and sign saying Poke Lab" said Laura the florist in the town.

"Thanks Laura." Lloyd ran down following her directions. he went down the road and turned left, where the sign said "Pokelab Left"

"how did i miss this?"Lloyd thought to himself.

Lloyd went inside the building and saw the professor.

"Pro, Professor?"Lloyd said being a little nurvous

"Hello, my dear boy you must be Lloyd, iam Professor JTk, how may i help you.?"

Professor JTK was a young man not what you usually expect a professor to be, not like professor oak. JTK had dark brown hair. and a slight beard growing. he wore the usually white professor clothes.

"Ermm yea i came to get my pokemon!" Lloyd said getting a little bit more confident now.

"Hmm have you chosen your pokemon? there is Turwig the grass type, Piplup the water type, or Chimchar the Fire type, all quite rare to Raymania." JTK said wtih a slight laugh at the end.

Turtwig was a turtle like pokemon with a leaf comming out of its head. Piplup was a small blue pengien, and chimchar ws a monkey with its butt on fire.

"hmm chimchar please!"

thats all for now.....
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Raymainia adverntures...
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