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 Dengakuman's news on games.2010

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PostSubject: Dengakuman's news on games.2010   Sat Jan 02, 2010 8:23 am

Hello happy gamers I am Dengakuman. I will be telling you about the new major games coming up.

Nintendo Wii

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The next Mario advernture, once again Princess Peach is taken by Bowser, and once again mario to the rescue. This will take mario galaxy to a whole new level, as Yoshi will be joining Mario in his quest. Game editors say he was missing element to its original game "Mario Galaxy." This game has all new levels which should get gamers really thinking, New baddies which are quite hard to beat. This game is said to be 97% better (Nintendo Magazine) than the original. Well I can't wait to play it as the original was already good.

Silent Hill

Silent hill the creepy action adventure game, finally makes it to Wii after Resident Evil was a big hit. You play as Harry Mason. You are on your way to town in a car with your daughter, when your car is hit, you fly off the cliff and awake in the peaceful town of Silent Hill, and finding that your daughter (Cheryl) has gone missing. This sounds quite interesting but most Silent Hill games are full of spooky cliff hangers, which will keep you addicted to the game.

Red Steel 2

Finally the remake to a action adventure, where the Wii remote becomes your sword and you fight you way through Japan trying to get revenge for your girlfriends murder, sounds exciting,

Metroid: Other M

A classical game takes the Wii for another big hit game. This metroid game should be the best one out of the whole series as it takes a hold of the Motion Wii Plus add on. Don't worry if you dont have the Wii Motion Plus, you can still play this game and enjoy it.

Zelda: Wii

Yes Link is back to save Zelda once again. Although the name is not very creative, and is quite simple it is still what nintendo magazine says "The crown jewel in Nintendo vitory" although every Zelda game is quite the same.

Order of events:

Zelda gets captured > Learn your the ony one who can do it > Travel around Hyrule > Collect Heart Pieces > Defeat bosses > Get master sword >beat Ganondorf > Save Zelda > Peace.

Basic Outline...

Nintendo DS

Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver

Ahh yes the remake of Gold and sIlver how delightful. It has been named the best Pokemon game in the series even though it has not come out yet. This game will be hitting the shelves in the UK as it says in Nintendo Magazine Early spring (hurray). This game will take pokemon to a whole new level as your pokemon who is first in your party will travel around with you, like in Pokémon Yellow, except you can change your follower. Basic story is the same..

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized

Yes the action game that is sweeping nations has finally hit the DS with Wi-Fi connection. So those of you who are too cheap, or don't like the PS3 and or Xbox can get "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized".This should be fun.

Golden Sun: DS

Golden Sun was a big hit, compatable with the Game Boy Advance /SP, and has finally been updated for DS. This story takes place a few years after Golden sun : The Lost Age. The number of playable characters is not yet known but, 4 have been confirmed as these are the decendents of the original 4 and their story. if you are new to Golden Sun I suggest you look into the old games, they are a very good RPG and they should have been put onto DS years ago.


This was poll was posted on the Nintendo site, is asked "Which games are you most excited about?"
Here are the results:

Pokemon Heart Gold, and Soul Silver: 6%
Epic Mickey: 1%
Dragon Quest: Defenders of the Starry Sky: 1%
Golden Sun: 1%
Super Mario Galaxy 2: 30%
Sonic & Sega All Star Racing: 1%
Metroid: Other M: 11%
Ace Attorney Investigtions: 6%
Okamiden: 3%
Sin & Punishment 2: 5%
Professor Layton 3: 5%
Zelda Wii: 20%
Other: 3%

That's all for now,

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Dengakuman's news on games.2010
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