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 a weird dream i had last night.....

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PostSubject: a weird dream i had last night.....   Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:52 am

i was at home it was watching TV then my dad called me he said the were going to a old holiday house. i said ok and got started packing i pack my laptop and clothes and stuff. we got in to the car and i went to sleep when i woke up we were at the house i had a strange feeling as if something was watching me i thought nothing of it at the time. as i entered the house mum said she was going to get dinner ready so i sat down my dad lit the fire in the dining area i got a bit board so i thought that i might look around the house. i opened the door nearest the front door as i opened the door to the play room i saw a life - sized doll sitting on a chair near the piano it wasn't moving i tried to turn on the lights they didn't turn on. so i approached the doll when i got about 2 meters close to it it stood up and it looked straight at me in the eyes it felt like i murdered some one and i needed to be punished and i couldn't move i felt scared my heart started to race faster and faster until i blacked out i woke up in a bed every one was asleep i herd a faint scream then foot steps getting closer and closer i got very scared the door knob started shaking and then the door slammed shut the foot steps got fainter and fainter and i just fell asleep. the nexted morning i woke up sun shine was shining through the window i stood up and opened the door and into the kitchen my mum was sitting st the table she said that dad found my passed out in the play room i asked if he seen a doll sitting on a chair she said no. i went into the play room holding a knife im my right hand and a flash light in my left. as i opened the door i could see a figure standing in the corner a black cat ran from my right the the far left corner i tried the lights again the turned on. i looked around i could see a trap door in the middle of the room i opened it it was very dark and cold down there at the end of the tunnel i could see light at he end i walked in the light it was a torch lit room with stone walls and steps i walked up the steps the door behind me to the tunnels slammed shut and a saw the life sized doll standing there it said "your my first visitor in a while" it laughed weirdly.
and then i grabbed one of the lit torch and burned it. it lit very easily the the fire went out and and the half burned body was just lying there motion less i picked up the body and there was a dried up well im the middle of the room i threw the body down there and i thrown both torches down there and it burned until there was nothing left but ashes i walked back down the tunnel into the play room. when i walked out of the trap door there was a note on the floor it said "thank you you've freed me the devil doll was keeping me from leaving" i folded up the note and put it in to my pocket. i told my mum about it she didn't believe me so i showed her the note but when i reached into my pocket all what i could feel was just ash.....
the end

this was just a dream that im still creeped out about lol Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: a weird dream i had last night.....   Thu Jan 21, 2010 3:34 pm

OMG, thats sooooo creepy.
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PostSubject: Re: a weird dream i had last night.....   Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: a weird dream i had last night.....   

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a weird dream i had last night.....
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