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 Megaman Starforce 3 Wifi Codes

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PostSubject: Megaman Starforce 3 Wifi Codes   Sun Mar 14, 2010 7:26 am

Ahem, assuming to ask, but do any of you own any other games besides pokemon, freaks? like...say...megaman starforce 3?
I would love to become brothers if you're able to.
I'll also be shocked if this never gets a reply, assuming everyone just sticks to pokemon 24/7 or xbox games..(i dont have an xbox..x.X)
so if you DO have the game and would like to be brothers reply and then I will post my fc code because im too lazy to go get my game and I just want at least one person to be my bro..please...T.T
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Megaman Starforce 3 Wifi Codes
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