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PostSubject: 5prit3'z!!!   Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:42 pm

Incase some don't know, I've tried my hand at sprites before, sometimes it was just tough creating ideas but I think I'm still getting the hang of it
one flaw I can't fix yet is CURVES!! i HATE EM!! (Curving in sprites isn't that easy..)
well, I just thought I might highlight some work form this month, and some from last year
First up! from my signature line of Eye Creatures (exclusive enemy in my drawings ^^)
I give you Eye-Bane! Meet this 2 1/5 story tall fighting machine with the strength to carry things up to 4x its size!

Next up, a batch of sprites which is my new hero idea in 8-bit, and his Proto name is Bit, and he's still a work in progress but hopefully I can get those sword movements mastered soon and finish the rest into the Shadow Bit (shown in image)

and last, A sword I made when I was just bored and caught an idea, so I made it, originally it was red and the jewel was yellow, but I thought white/purple was a better color combo. still no name yet for sword but you could suggest names if you'd like.

well, that concludes this topic, I hope you enjoy it and may it bring a sense of inspiration. cya!

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