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 The Hunter That Had Dinner The Night After.

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PostSubject: The Hunter That Had Dinner The Night After.   Tue Jun 22, 2010 3:28 pm

There once lived a hunter named Xero and he lived in the wonderful Haven Forest.
He had a nice cabin that was clean in every spot except the bathroom.
But lets cut to the point ,he was out hunting in the most active spot of Haven and
there he saw a deer. Which was no ordinary deer ,it was a Stantler. Then Xero was
very suprised, thinking of how to get the pokemon he fell out of the tree. Then whipped out his
shotgun and chased the damn pokemon. Time has passed and it is now the night
after.Once Xero noticed he ran inside to put the steak in the oven and went back
out. Then walked around his house looking for the deer and yelled "Come back!
You'll be the main course!". Suddenly the wild Stantler ran in and ate the steak.
But Xero had no clue that feeding a Stantler undone steak makes a Stantler turn
into a T-Rex. Then Xero began running as the T-Rex chased him and yelled,"Who's
the main course now?!". As scared as Xero was he tripped and was picked up by the
T-Rex. And was eaten in one big gulp,then the Pokemon went back to its spot.
But then another Hunter by the name of A.O.I. fell out of the same tree.
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The Hunter That Had Dinner The Night After.
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