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 new eovlves and wishfull pokemon

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PostSubject: new eovlves and wishfull pokemon   Thu Jul 15, 2010 5:20 pm

so lets see what you think the pokes will evolve into, and also post what type/ pokemon you would like to see...and of corse state which tire you think they will be in??

skip starters

chiramii~ i think one more stage, hopefully will be cool! but its made a place into my future team already Haha..OU!!! lol jks NU

munna ~ one more stage could be possible maybe more anteater like! mushama(how ever its spelt) looks like an anteater (enter someone to correct me saying its a...) but for now i dont expect any more evolution...UU

Gear ~ now this is interesting i think it will follow the magnamite pattern, but hopefully the final out come will be a robot not a spaceship...UU maybe join the OU listing..

mamepato~ i think this will suprize us all, it will follow and have two more stages to itself,ofcorse we can expect a biggger more awsome looking bird..not much to say... but i think it may suprize us and be OU

hihidaruma ~ i think thats its final and fist stage..UU

shimama ~ it will add two more stages and hopefully look a little cool like ixion (final fantasy) but not exactly it would be cool tho...UU

meguroko ~ well iam gess a bigger crocodile, hopefully a bit more mean looking...it is part dark after all Smile...OU (joins tyrantiar as the second OU dark in tier)

rankurusu ~ iam gessing this is its final stage, hopefuly not, u can see room for evolvement, bit more solid and bulkier?? OU maybe uber depending

guchiruzeru ~ same as befor..

kormori ~ i think it has another stage or twoo to evolve deffnatly at least one, maybe it will be bigger and more bat like..BL

kibago ~ our little dragon friend, will follow the trend as previous games inplies (or maybe end up like flygon/alteria (NOT SAYING ITS BAD CHRIS) just saying maybe this isn't the primary dragon type pokemon, cant be too sure) i think its tusks will get bigger and will become more T-rex like...OU maybe uber if it ends up like granchomp

minezumi ~ a beaver yes one stage iam going to go for..just gets bigger like bibarel, its not a bad thing but hopefully will be cooler...NU

wooguru ~ theres room for a pre-evo, wooguro its awsome already so no need for an evolution...but maybe it could be like absol and be only one , thats fine aswell...UU/OU

moguryu ~ its already done the mole has its fammily set out...UU

ononokusu ~ i think thats the only matis we will see/... UU/ BL

Deskan ~ iam gonna say no evolutions for this on aswell..maybe in the future like ononokusu, but for no iam gonna say no....NU/UU

hatooboo ~ i thikn a bigger looking bird cant really tellfrom the picture just yet..NU/UU

zorua/zoroark ~ well there done aswell...OU (joining tyranitar aswell) HOPEFULLY iam praying to god, and if smogom dares puts them in uber iam going to spamm smogon like never befor.....

so whats your ideas??

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new eovlves and wishfull pokemon
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