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 the war for the world!

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PostSubject: the war for the world!   Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:17 pm

(Chapter 1: the trouble begins)in the sinnoh region, trouble was brewing.... a evil presence was consuming the land. trainer after trainer fell to the evil and had their pokemon taken by..... team meltdown! team meltdown appeared over a night and the next morning the pokemon league building was reduced to dust. the leader of this organzation was a person with a cold heart named samulous. he took his level 70 crobat and level 90 dragonite into battle with him, slowly corrupting them. but... there was 1 trainer who could stop samulous..... his brother.
(chapter 2: a hero is called)samulous' brother was named Paul. he was born into a family of gym leaders and elite 4 and champions. his brother was orginally supposed to become the next elite 4 champion, but the rule goes that the 2nd child will take the "throne". Paul caught on to samulous' plot and evacuated the league building. but samulous sprong a trap and captured Paul's girlfriend, cynthia. Paul vowed revenge on samulous ans swore to take him down.

more coming soon!
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the war for the world!
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