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 Help and ideas needed for the Rayquaza Forums Pokemon Lottery!

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PostSubject: Help and ideas needed for the Rayquaza Forums Pokemon Lottery!   Thu Dec 30, 2010 9:48 am

Further to Crono_slayer's suggestion (found HERE) and subsequent discussions, we will soon be holding a Pokemon Lottery here at Rayquaza Forums!

I'm still working on some of the the logistics for it though it has been decided that the draws will take place on a monthly basis. There will be a time frame in which members will have to reply to a topic (created on each month by myself or my nominated host/hostess) to enter the lottery. After the time frame expires, the draw will take place with (hopefully) at least 3 members winning a prize.

As there is a limit to the prizes which I alone can give away, I would like to search for other members who can help donate some prizes (such as rare items, baby pokemon, EV trained pokemon, pokemon breeding/training/moveset services and any other prizes you can think of). If you can help, please reply to this topic or PM me.

If anyone has any other ideas or questions, please reply to this topic too.

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Help and ideas needed for the Rayquaza Forums Pokemon Lottery!
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