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 i guess its my turn to say hi

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General Revan

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PostSubject: i guess its my turn to say hi   Sun Feb 06, 2011 12:39 am

im new to the forms and just found out that 2 of my team are ubers when i killed them more times than i can count b4 i finaly captured them so i dont know if that means anything but hi, my name is Revan im a realy good pokemon player and i have built the ultimate team well its more like 5 pkm with a extra low lvl pkm im leveling up but wt eve, im looking for anyone who thinks they can defet me sence i know the gym ppl and elite ppl wont battle me cause of my "uber" pkm, the elite 4 should b able to take on any thing and come out on top, they should have the best of the best in there categories and try to b unbeatable i sorta understand the rest of the rules but i guess ill figure them all out, if you want to battle im living on the west coast of america so i go by my time zone, im on randomly and usaly can get on to battle any time

tats my email and my fc
3223 3853 3783

drop me a line any time and ill let u know the soonest i can play (usialy way late pushing morning hrs)
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PostSubject: Re: i guess its my turn to say hi   Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:27 pm

can you play me from this thursday to monday? I can play my ds at those times. W/e, ill face your uber team and even thought im not gym leader or e4 i am a pretty good player so be prepared Very Happy fc is 2193 5551 5266
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i guess its my turn to say hi
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