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 LF 36 pokemon can offer somethings

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PostSubject: LF 36 pokemon can offer somethings    Sun May 01, 2011 5:14 pm

im looking for these following pokemon:Magnezone(modest) :Electross :Heracross(jolly adamant) :Yanmega(modest) :Honchkrow(naughty) : Drapion(jolly careful) :Kingdra(adamant rash naughty modest) :Pidgeto(jolly adamant) :Skarmory(impish) : Dusknoir(impish relaxed adamant) :Venasaur(timid jolly hasty) :Shiftry(Adamant rash) :Roserade(timid calm) :Abomasnow(brave) : Donphan(adamant) :Swampert(any) :Lapras(careful modest adamant) :Walrein(bold) :Alakazam(timid), Metagross(adamant) :Slowking(calm quiet modest) : Rhampardos(adamant jolly) :empoleon(modest) Gengar (timid), toxicroak(jolly adamant) Breloom (adamantjolly) sceptile (tmid hasty naive) scizor(adamant) staraptor(jolly adamant) lucario (adamant jolly modest timid) haxorus (adamant) ( legit only 5th gen EV'd Prefered) plz pm me Smile
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LF 36 pokemon can offer somethings
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