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 The Linka Chronicles

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PostSubject: The Linka Chronicles   Mon May 30, 2011 10:16 am

A new fan fic im writing, tell me what you think of it though.

We were in the midst of battle; it was the last battle of the term. Me vs. Tom, he had been my rival since I moved to Hollingbraile Town. I was Aidan, I was from the Hoenn region, my father was Juan and my mother was Winnona. Tom was from Cinnabar Island, he moved to Hollingbraile when the volcano erupted and it destroyed the island.

But now wasn’t the time to think about that, as my Lucario stared down his Hitmonchan you could sense the tension building. “Lucario, quickly use an Aura Sphere” I commanded him, the Pokémon reacted and leapt in the air with a tremendous leap, it clasped its hands together and started charging up energy. “Hitmonchan, don’t give him a chance. Hit him with Drain Punch.” Tom instructed. The Hitmonchan already had +3 attack from all of the Bulk Up’s he had been using. The fists shot forwards and then upwards. It was now getting dangerous; Lucario hadn’t finished building up energy. The dog like humanoid shot the incomplete sphere at the ever closer red fist that was approaching him. “Nice work Lucario, now fire a Dragon Pulse.” He instantly shot past the Hitmonchan and turned around to fire a Pulse of extraordinary energy which blasted Hitmonchan towards the ceiling. Unfortunately, Lucario hadn’t put enough energy into the attack for it to be strong enough for a knock out. But it looked like it was at least a critical hit. The punching Pokémon had yet to fall over yet. “Lucario, stay alert alright.” I told my Pokémon. Suddenly out of nowhere Hitmonchan’s flailing fist struck out. “Great, Mach Punch Hitmonchan.” Tom shouted out “Now finish it with a powerful Drain Punch!” He continued. No I thought to myself, I couldn’t let it end this way. “Lucario, dodge it using Extreme Speed!” I cried out. Lucario quickly responded by sky rocketing into the air and landed on a wall. “Now, clean it up with one final Aura Sphere!” I exclaimed. Lucario shot a properly charged Aura Sphere at Hitmonchan that hit it square in the back. The Punching Pokémon fell to the ground and it was all over for it.

“Nice job Hitmonchan” Tom said as it returned to its Pokeball. He looked up at me and smiled “Go Chandelure.” The burning Lamp of a Pokémon emerged from the light. I knew it resisted both Aura Sphere and Extreme Speed and Dragon Pulse would only hit it for neutral. But I still had one attack up my sleeve. “Lucario, use Shadow Claw now.” I demanded. Lucario shot forwards, but the confident look in Tom’s eyes told me he was hiding something. “Chandelure, use Will-o-wisp” Tom commanded, as the purple flames shot out from the ghoul the struck Lucario and his power decrease was very noticeable. The claw struck the Ghost and it barley damaged it, “Now Chandelure, finish it off with a Flamethrower at maximum strength!”. The Flame struck the Aura Pokémon and after as few seconds of being exposed to hot flames, Lucario collapsed. I had lost.

This is something i will do at the end of every episode, a recommended moveset for the Pokemon of the Episode.
Pokemon of the Episode
Hitmonchan @Leftovers
-Ice Punch
-Thunder Punch
-Drain Punch
-Bulk Up
252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 Hp
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PostSubject: Re: The Linka Chronicles   Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:35 pm

wow great story! well writen good base starting off with a flash back allways helps the main stoyline one way or another
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The Linka Chronicles
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