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 4th Gen: legys wanted!

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PostSubject: 4th Gen: legys wanted!   Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:34 pm

I DON'T have black/white so I can't accept pkmn through them. Sad
BUT I can accept through the other games.

I need the regirock registeel regiice darkri rayquaza groudon kyogre latios latias ho-oh and lugia. if any1 can trade me these PLZ trade me them i will trade cresala moltres articuno zapados or any other pkmn that you may want like a starter from firred or platinum or maybe strong pkmn like my lv 50 200 att metagross. I also need shaymin deoxis mew jirachi and manaphy.
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4th Gen: legys wanted!
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