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 How to get a cool weavile set.

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PostSubject: How to get a cool weavile set.   Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:42 pm

hey guys this is not really a battle strategy but w.e.

So here is a cool Weavile set: Hone Claws, Dynamic Punch, Ice Shard, Night Slash. Item: focus sash

And since 99.56934% of ppl ask how to get it or can it even learn it etc etc. So here is how to get it the LEGIT way if you arent using a pokemon making device.

-Catch a sneasel in the ice fall cave (leaf green only i think)
-Trade it to Emerald, go to the move tutor (Mosedeep City) and teach it Dynamic Punch
-You can also go to the battle frontier and teach it Ice Punch if you dont want to use ice shard (OPTIONAL)
-Pal Park it to Gen4 and envolve it to Weavile
-Xfter to B/W and teach it hone claws.

Ps: You can use the same set with Metagross too with : Hone claws, Dynamic Punch, Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch.
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How to get a cool weavile set.
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