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 craziest paintball fight i ever fought in

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PostSubject: craziest paintball fight i ever fought in   Sun Aug 28, 2011 5:35 pm

A bunch of kids from school (including me) got together in the park after the last day of school finished to plan how to celebrate. (Im gonna warn you, there was a girl i really liked in the fight so i did some pretty IDIOTIC things). anywho, Preston suggested we have a paintball fight. everyone was going crazy because they loved the idea. we got the mayor to block off a couple of streets around the park for a HUGE fight. (5 days later) we gathered in the center of the field. i wasnt as strong as the guys on green team but, i was agile fast and a danged good shot. everyoe goes to their ide of the field. on th blue team (me,kristy*the girl i warned ya about*,mark,adam,preston,and 5 more people. on the green team (mike,issac,andrew,michel, and 6 other dudes). the rules were simple. 10 hits and your out:: last team or team player standing .wins. when the countdown hit 5 my adreniline already was pumping. the battles started and i spring for the nearest tree. i ducked behind it and see 2 of my team, preston and adam, were already down. i saw kristy and someone else trapped behind a bush with a spray of paint pinning them down. so i decide, "screw taking cover, time to see how they handle a airstrike". so im climbing the tree like a mainiac and i get as far as i could go without puking. my paintball gun was 3 round bursts. i moded it myself. ok so i lay on the nearest branch long enough for me to stabilize the shot, and i see this green team dude making a run straight for the bush. i bring up my paintball gun and fire off like 3 or four times and he trips because i hit him straight on the kneecaps.(i was aimming for the armor on hischest.) then the branch starts shaking and i see 3 more of the green team were below me shooting at the branch. so i luse my legs to grapple on some twigs on the tree, and try to flip over so i could hang upside down for a better shot, but i drop my gun. after missing a few its trigger snags on a branch and it just hoses the guys below me. i get down from the tree several fals,bruises, and gathering my gun later. once im on the groud i see thatmost of the blue team were down but the remaining guys had hosed green till they wre soaking with blue paint. after making them admit they were owned, i walk up to kristy and was about to ask her to go get a burger when see introduces me to her BOYFRIEND, the guy she was next to behind the bush. soi walk up to the guy and say, "nice to meet you". then i bring up my gun and let out 3 bullets in the one place all boys feel pain. then i walk away, and go over to the tree where i was hanging on. then one of the guys takes out a water ballon grenade and hurls it right at me. but thats a story for another day.

Paul, book one of "whacky summer showdowns"
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craziest paintball fight i ever fought in
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