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 searching for old friends

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lost my other games platinum is missing soulsilver has a glitch.
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PostSubject: searching for old friends   Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:55 pm

I'm looking for pokemon from the kanto, johto, ainnoh, and other regions outside of 5th gen. i cant trade except on pkmn black or white lost my other games. and please dont try to give me the ones you can catch in game. im offering zoruas (level 1-50) or zoroaks (level 1-48). in peticular im looking for :legends, dragon types, water types, fire types, and ghost types. please reply to this post listing what pokemon your offering and what pokemon you would like. if you want a special move set look it up to make sure the selected pokemon can learn these first within the stat range. thanks, and i will also be offering starter types from 5th gen as soon as i get a tepig and ossh whatever. ALSO, if it has a nickname please do NOT offer it.
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searching for old friends
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