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 gangygang the animated siries inproduction

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PostSubject: gangygang the animated siries inproduction   Mon Sep 19, 2011 1:52 pm

me and my friend are making anamted serise on youtube called the gangygang animated series im going to tell you a bout some of the charecters so far

gangygang members

billy - is human that was kill in battle but due to the help of his sister he was revived but as gas based life form that is very fast but highly flamable

sarah - billys sister she is strong and intelegant due to her small amount of psycic powers wich are incressed 10000 fold when angry
or scared

glade - sarah's boyfriend glade is a gothic necromancer with incredable dark powers

mojo - is an monkey man from the planet Z he is very agily and can eat any thing but if this power is taken away he becomes super intelagint but profers to be a simple idiot

jojo - is mojos nephew he is very simeler to mojo he can also eat any thing but due to being very young he canot digest big foods so
his body is also furnes but if he eats to much can breath fire

sam - or experament 34 was created in an orbating lab to be a bio wepon for the Earth Defence Force but they made with to much free will and escapes he is a humanide snake like creature with aroured skin

kate - is a felineian from planet felineia they all very simelier to humans but have cat ears and tails all of her spieces has eunic power trancended down through generations her is to be super agily

paradox - a ninja like being join so theyed help defeat the inner evil

jack o lantrium - a guys who was decapatated and replaced with a pumkin he can shoot fire from his eyesand is an inventor

Earth Defence Force

cynthia - at the age of 19 she is the youngest leader of the E.D.F there has ever been she has a black belt in karate, tia kwan do, judo and tia jitsu aslo a gold medal gymnast


destructors - created by the same the same creator as sam this robot race are highly adaptible and intelagiant

billys evil twin - his name is not reviled he is a cyborg grudging his brother cause he got out of the tortures there enemys gave him
but his brother did not live to see this torture

tiberius - the brother of kate he is trying to destroy the gangygang say that she has been curupted by the other members when she refuses to return home with him he has super strenth

lynx - the sister of kate she cares for kate but is forced to help tiberius by there father

APOCALIPS - A red armoured human posed by the inner evil he has a sword super strong and all most undifeatable

those are all the basic charectors in the serise
sry for all the typos and mistakes
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gangygang the animated siries inproduction
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