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 Any suggestions/improvements for this shedinja team?

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PostSubject: Any suggestions/improvements for this shedinja team?   Thu May 03, 2012 8:03 pm

Okay before I start posting my team I will warn you that the descriptions will be darn long. Sorry if you don't like reading but I have to tell you guys what each pokemons role is. But anyway, this gen 4 team is mainly based around Shedinja. And no rapid spin because the pokemon who could learn rapid spin doesnt seem to fit in my team. So instead, I have 2 taunt users and a sleeper who will stop opponents from setting up.

Electrode-Focus sash
Evs:252Hp/44SpDef/168Spd(168spd= 395spd which outspeeds all pokemon excpet ninjask and deoxys)
-Thunder wave
-Rain dance

Electrode is the super fast taunting lead of my team. Most leads try setting up stealth rock and it is his job to prevent that. And since he is the fastest, (even faster than aerodactyl), he will definitely stop them from setting rocks. Focus sash incase the opponent predicts taunt and uses an attacking move which could KO electrode. Thunder wave to cripple other pokemon who might be a total pest to shedinja, which makes my sweepers easier to sweep them. Rain dance incase sandstorm/hail come up which could kill Shedinja. Explosion is going to be used when I know the opponents set up pokemon is dead. And I can always switch to my Skarmory/Gyarados when ground moves are about to be aimed at Electrode.

Skarmory-Shed shell
-Steel wing
-Stealth rock

Skarmory is my sturdy physical wall and set upper for this team. The moveset if pretty self explanatory but steel wing is incase it gets taunted. Skarmory also protects my team from ground and poison moves.

-Dragon dance

Gyarados is my bulky(specially defensive) tank for this team. Anything thats not electric, he will take alot of special hits. Waterfall and bounce provide nice coverage(Bounce for free leftovers recovery while in the air) Taunt incase the set up pokemon isnt dead yet and comes back after my Gyarados has killed a pokemon with DD boosts. Since DD will make him fast, taunt will be easier to use. Gyarados helps out my team from ground moves also.

Houndoom-Choice scarf
Ability:Flash fire
-Fire blast
-Dark pulse
-Shadow ball
-Dream eater

Houndoom is my great revenge killing special sweeper. The only pokemon who resists him cold is tyranitar and other houndooms. If I predict a fire move aimed towards either my Skarmory,Breloom, or Shedinja, I can switch in on this guy for a free fire boost and revenge kill the opposing pokemon. Shadow ball for pokes who resist either fire or dark moves which is his main stab(Gallade for ex.) And since there is a sleep clause, most likely the opponent will be switching after my breloom spores them. So if the sleeping pokemon comes back, he can dream eat it.(There isnt any other special move to teach him other than hidden power but I dont use Hidden power) Houndoom also helps out my team from psychic attacks.

Breloom-Toxic orb
Ability:Poison orb
-Seed bomb
-Focus punch
-Stone edge

Breloom is my physical sweeper and main tyranitar, swampert counter. He will basically spore anything thats slower than him and proceed to kill with focus punches. He also is the perfect wall breaker since most walls are slow and they get spored and killed. Breloom also absorbs status for my team(most notably shedinja)

Shedinja-Focus sash
Ability:Wonder guard
Nature:Lonely(Like adamant, naughty matters..)
-Shadow sneak
-X scissor
-Swords dance
-Sucker punch/willo wisp(Which one? Suckerpunch incase normal pokes switch to take shadow sneak)

And finally shedinja! I love his godly immunities.. When played with right team support, he is the absolute ultimate victory. Have you ever heard of starmie sweeping your whole team? Scizzor(without pursuit) easily revenge killing your pokes? Well shedinja is the answer. He can literally set up swords dance alot and sweep kill some pokes.
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Frontier Brain
Frontier Brain

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PostSubject: Re: Any suggestions/improvements for this shedinja team?   Thu May 03, 2012 8:25 pm

very nice but easily swept with magikarp and splash.
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PostSubject: Re: Any suggestions/improvements for this shedinja team?   Sat May 05, 2012 8:28 am

Hmm, from what I see if they have a Ttar chances are the sand will be up, Ttar will win 1v1 against your electrode because if you use raindance, then you are dead, if you switch out then the sand is up. Electrode has nothing to ohko ttar with so yeah its tuff to win that war.

I see a few major threats to your team, mainly Dragonite (DD, outrage, EQ, firepunch), if it gets up DD then your in big trouble. Lucario(SD, espeed, C.Combat, crunch) is another huge threat, if get sets up SD then your in big trouble as well both of these guys can set up on most of your poke like houndoom, skarm, shedninja. Zapdos with heatwave, tbolt, hp ice roost is a threat as well. Jirachi is another threat but then again Jirachi is a big threat to alot of teams in gen 4, its tough to counter them because there are a few sets for it and they are all good, even in gen 5 jirachi still remains a threat to alot of teams.

Why are you giving Hp evs to electrode? the object of using a focus sash is knowing that your pokes cant take more than 1 hit, so theres no point in making it bulky.

Use standard skarm set with roost, bravebird, spikes/rocks, whirlwind, impish nature 252hp/252def. This is the only effective skarm set. Skarm exist in the metagame because of its physical bulk AND prevent pokes from setting up on it, so whirlwind is mandatory on all skarms. This could prevent lucario/dnite from sweeping your team.

Take out dream eater on houndoom, I doubt you will ever use it. Fireblast does more in most situation anyways and even if the poke resist fire its only 10basepower less so its not worth in the risk especially since your choiced, use hp ice if anyting.

Overall I dont think shedninja works too well in gen 4 metagame mainly because of ttar, its tough to win the weather war because you have to waste a turn setting it up whereas they can come in and have perma weather. Maybe you can try out in gen 5 since there are other weather inducers.

And last but not least here are the usage stats in gen 4, as you can see ttars are very common so dont expect not to see it.

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☠Dr Flamedog☠

Number of posts : 106
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PostSubject: Re: Any suggestions/improvements for this shedinja team?   Sun May 06, 2012 7:01 pm

Okay thanks for the suggestions, Im going to make some changes and post another RMT sometime after I come up with my final pokemon.
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PostSubject: Re: Any suggestions/improvements for this shedinja team?   

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Any suggestions/improvements for this shedinja team?
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