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 New overpowered pokemon in the BW OU 2 Metagame

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PostSubject: New overpowered pokemon in the BW OU 2 Metagame   Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:24 pm

Thundurs T and Tornadus T- these guys are OP. without rain or with rain, gamfreak ovbiously didn't give a damn about what they were doing. with these pokes. Ghundurus Thunder photos breloom withou nasty plot. it gets volt absorb, and has 145 sp atk. GET THAT THING OUTTA THERE! Tornadus- bulkier, one of the fastes Pokemon in OU , GES SUPERPOWER AND HEATWAGE AAAAND on top of it, REGENERATOR. and in the rain, life orb hurricane is unstoppable, its faster than its normal form, to outspeed stsrmie. these two are the most broken pokes in OU. how do you counter them, thundurus have a bit more checks the n Tornadus. ttar checks it, and Tornadus is checked by rachi, unless it's not sp.def and you're heat waving in sun, in that case Ohko. still risky of checks right..not to fear..when you have timid jolteon volt absorb/quick feet modest, thunder bolt Tornadus, and hp ice thundurus, [thundurus has somewhat of a terrible move pool, all it can do is Hp ice jolt] Jolteon is the counter to these guys, even Landorus. NOTE ; SCAF ICE BEAM AND GG
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PostSubject: Re: New overpowered pokemon in the BW OU 2 Metagame   Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:22 am

They are not "OverPowered" in fact thunderus losing the 111 is a huge factor considering the speed tier in OU is 100-110. As for tornadus although it gets a nice boost in speed, but in reality all its outspeeding is starmie/alakazam however the atk drop is very, very noticeable. It now fails to ohko terrakion, scizor, hydreigon, salamence and starmie/amoongus now has a chance of living. If it werent for tornadus new ability regenerator, no one would use this form.
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New overpowered pokemon in the BW OU 2 Metagame
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