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 AK's Take 3: Choice Band Conkeldurr, Bulky Hydreigon

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PostSubject: AK's Take 3: Choice Band Conkeldurr, Bulky Hydreigon   Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:33 pm

Conkeldurr is well known for its guts bulk up set. with an immense 416 attack and iron fist, conkeldurr can really punch wholes trough ur oppnents team. this includes stan drain punch, ice punch for gliscor, thunder punh for bulky waters, fire punch for foretress and ferrothorn. it has respectable defenses and has great hp as well.

Often understimatrd because of lack of speed, hydreigon is a very great pokemon due to its typing and versatility, you can do a lot of stuff with him. he has great defenses nd hp. Altho phazenite works better, hydreigon gets thunder wave taunt torment roost substitute- it gets the most moves as a dragon in OU! subsitute torment dragon pulse/dark pulse roost with max defense/special defense and hp works really well.
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AK's Take 3: Choice Band Conkeldurr, Bulky Hydreigon
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