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 Team Rocket Challenge

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PostSubject: Team Rocket Challenge   Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:18 am

This is pokemon team rocket challenge.
Ok so heres the rules:
1. Aside from your starter, you are limited to the types you can normally use: Poison, Bug, Dark, Ghost, Ground, Fighting, and Certain normal types. (Rattata or the region's equivalent, Meowth, Lickitung, or Kangaskhan)
2. You cannot leave an area until all accessible trainers have been defeated.
3. If you're playing a 1st or 2nd generation game, try to avoid conflict with team rocket as much as possible. (If you're playing 3rd generation and onward, crush the enemy team completely)
4. Trading with other people taking the Team Rocket Challenge is allowed.
5. Your mission is completed when you have captured all legendary pokemon of that region for the glory of Team Rocket.

OPTIONAL: If you have a cheating device, you can use pokemon of different types than mentioned above if they have been captured from another trainer. If a stolen pokemon faints it is considered freed and you must release it. When battling a gym leader or other important character, you can only steal the last pokemon.

Thats it. Have fun and let the challenge begin >=D

post here with your progress if you happen to start.
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Team Rocket Challenge
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