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 Mewtwo and the pokeball phone

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PostSubject: Mewtwo and the pokeball phone   Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:35 pm

Mewtwo's dream of being in a pokeball phone.

**When you go in the pokeball, all sorts of things happen. When you human plays games, so do we. When the human goes of Facebook, we go in Pokebutbook. When they turn off there phone, they go to sleep, but it's hard when the human uses the phone everyone 2 seconds!*

Mewtwo finds out that there is a pokeball phone. She dreams...a playground, fun swings and jumping pads. She explores this amazing pokeball phone. She makes a Pokebutbook account, she goes to sleep and even has a disco when the human rings someone! Until, Mewtwo finds a death sign, (ÜBER CLAUSE). Mewtwo is shocked! She is so annoyed! She deserves more! Mewtwo spots Mew in the distance. 
"It's so unfair! How come mew gets to be OU?" 
Mewtwo slinks off.

The next day, Mewtwo looks out the poke window. She spots her human, getting in trouble by the police of Goldenrod city. She catches some of what the. Police said"...wtwo is a Über, an ledgiondary. She is not allowed to be caught in a pokeball phone."

The next thing Mewtwo knows, she is being released into the wild. She walks back to her cave, all the way back in Kanto, and falls asleep...

Mewtwo wakes up! She thinks it's a dream...she quickly writes a note and puts it on her owners desk.

Her plan worked, her owner didn't get the pokeball phone and released her into the wild.


Credit to Lonequincy for giving the idea of a pokeball phone.
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Mewtwo and the pokeball phone
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