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 My buddies

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PostSubject: My buddies   Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:31 pm

Someone please help me out. I've been losing and winning with this team almost the equal amount of times so I wan't to know what the problem with this team is.

ヘルガー-Life orb
Ability:Flash fire
-Hidden power ground
-Role play

Alright let me start off with my favorite pokemon, Houndoom. He gets rid of all those frail pokes that are dark weak like Alakazam, Starmie, and Latios. They all never expect a sucker punch, thinking I have dark pulse so most of the time they don't tend to switch. He can also finish off weakened pokes. Overheat is for more power as that's my preferred style. Hidden power is for those heatrans who can completely wall me with this set. Role play for pokes like Vaporeon and jellicent who are common switch ins and I gain the waterabsorb ability and heal off damage that I got recoiled from life orb. Also useful using it on a Ninjask and chlorophyll abusers.

キノガッサ-Toxic orb
Ability:Poison heal
-Focus punch
-Stone edge

My subpunch sweeper breloom. His focus punch is so strong that even Latios takes over 50% from it. The only problem is he gets walled by pokes like Gliscor, reuniclus, Mew. But my other pokes can take care of them easily. But I've had battles where I successfully 6-0ed a team with subpunch. Stone edge is for Dragonite and other flying types who resist focus punch.

ゲンガー-Life orb
-Shadow ball
-Sludge bomb
-Focus blast

Special sweeper. Nothing else much to say. I didn't put much speed evs on him because I really like the survivability he gets from certain attacks. And there are thunder-wave support too so that helps too.

-Dragon dance

Gyarados, a pokemon I loved since I was 5... He is my DD sweeper and waterfall and bounce provides pretty good coverage. Thunderwave for switch in sweepers who carry thunderbolt like Starmie. He can also come in on a quiver dance volcarona and paralyze him.

Ability:Clear body
-Meteor mash
-Zen headbutt
-Stealth rock

He is my very bulky tank. Specially defensive takes draco meteor like its nothing and either set up or smash them with meteor mash. The 20% chance attack boost is always a bonus too especially when he lacks attack investments. He also handles Gengar fairly easily because he has zen headbutt and takes about 3 shadow balls.

Ability:Pressure(Lightning rod when it comes out)
-Hidden power ice

As soon as lightning rod comes out he will be my primary thudurus t counter. He is my switch in to thundurus t's thunder and spatk boosts. Then he uses agility. Then thundurus-t will HP ice me which will not KO my bulky Zapdos and Zapdos can roost all day long or kill him off with a boosted HP ice. But other than that, he is just bulky as hell and takes alot of hits.

Type immunities:
Houndoom-Fire, Psychic
Gengar-Ground, normal, fighting
Breloom-Status, leech seed
Zapdos-Ground, electric
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PostSubject: Re: My buddies   Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:34 pm

youll prob want pursuit most will be pressure by sucker punch+pursuit
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PostSubject: Re: My buddies   Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:44 pm

I'll admit, when I saw the title of the post I thought of something else, oh well, all my friends are imaginary anyways.
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PostSubject: Re: My buddies   Wed Sep 19, 2012 2:26 pm

Hi, first off you need to understand that Pokemon is a game that require battling skills, good teams as well as a little bit of luck. Most of the times its not the teams fault, but its the players lack of battling skills, or they are just insanely unlucky like Adrian :]. So before questioning if your team is effective or not, you might wanna ask yourself if its really your teams fault or your fault. Anyways assuming you dont lack battling skills and have normal human luck, lets see whats wrong with it.

It seems like your teams is based around what I call a surprise factor. Its good and all but it only works once, and against some experience player it might not even work at all. The example here would be how an octillery rapes my team. Is octillery a good pokemon? no its not, hes only lucky that he ran into a player that has no experience with that poke. Should he battle me again or anyone that has a clue about an octillery, he would not be able to do anything. A good pokemon would be scizor, genesect, tornadus-T, dragonite, latias.. everyone knows what set they run, but yet people still have hard time with them. This surprise factor style of play is good but unreliable, your basically hoping your opponent lacks the knowledge of this/that poke or this/that strategy.

I see some problems with your team as well. You have 3 pokes weak to rocks, no spinner and nothing to prevent the rocks from getting up. If someone sets up rocks, they already got a free kill. I see a huge genesect weakness, especially the life orb/expert belt, rock polish set, it has the power to ohko every one of your pokes (gengar takes 70% and cant do anything back and houndoom takes 80-90% from uturn, rocks will most likely be up so houndoom just dies). You have no fast poke and no revenge killer making your team extremely weak to dragon dancer, should a haxorus/dnite gets a DD up, it can 6-0 your team. And last but not least since OU is full of weather teams and you are playing weatherless, you need have to play hyper offense, a good way to check if your team is hyper offense or not is seeing how many turns it takes for you to win. Hyper offensive teams usually take around 13-15 turns. Personally I dont reconmend anyone playing weatherless in this current metagame.

Btw Im not sure what you mean by no one expects sucker punch from houndoom? Its like on most houndoom sets on smogon and the #1 set has sucker punch.
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PostSubject: Re: My buddies   

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My buddies
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