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 Pokemon that should have different/additional types

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PostSubject: Pokemon that should have different/additional types   Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:28 am

So tell me some of the pokemons whose typing doesnt make sense at all or should have had an additional type. And if you can,please explain why. Ill list off a few

Blastoise: Water/steel-i know steel was introduced in second gen but whatever, blastoise has those steel cannons and it has great defenses too which is a natural trait for steels. And besides, if a water/steel poke with rapid spin and those great defenses it might even make it to ou

Electivire: Electric/fighting-Learns way to many fighting types via lv up and eggs for a non fighting type, those fists and his fighting style in the anime makes him look like fighting type

Volbeat/Illumise: Bug/electric- well its a firefly that glow their tail with light. and since there is no light type, electric sounds just about fair.it also learns many electric tms which is unusual for a typical bug

Ninetails: Fire/ghost- yea hes based off the spirit fox/kitsune thing and his dex description says he is very vengeful and will curse who ever grabs its tail. sounds ghostly to me
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Pokemon that should have different/additional types
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