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 i should introduce myself as well...

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PostSubject: i should introduce myself as well...   Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:39 pm

just like jeremy...i never really did get to introduce myself either....i joined this forum not too long ago...i am not a teenager yet but i will be in a year or so...i like to draw animations and spending time entertaining myself every second...ummm i have an annoying brother who LOVES to ruin every moment of my life...i am not gothic whatsoever...i love all colors and will do anything to become an artist...i always try to meet new people on this forum...i LOVE trading on wi-fi but im not a fan of battling on wi-fi...im the shy type of person who spends most of their life just entertaining themself 24/7...my favorite pokemon is umbreon...i have layered dark brown haired (very similar to black) and im really not a fighter like my username says...im not the type of person who is willing to share my name the second i meet someone...no one on this forum knows my name yet...i dislike fights and any kind of scary stuff...im a good kid as well as being in the "gifted" group...some of you guys may know that i like spicy food..yes. i do eat spicy food everyday..and thats about it

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PostSubject: Re: i should introduce myself as well...   Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:10 pm

spicy food gives me dyspepsia

lOl no it doesnt
i love spicy chinese food
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i should introduce myself as well...
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