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 Fav. Boss from any game..

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Pokemon Lover
Pokemon Lover

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PostSubject: Fav. Boss from any game..   Fri Nov 28, 2008 6:51 pm

Have u ever played a game (anyone) and rly liked a boss so much after u beat him/her u felt like doing it again because the liked the fight so much?
Well...this is wht this topics about lol.
Whts ur one fav. boss from any game in the entire world lol..
Mine is...man i have alot lol i know too many games geek XP
Mine..is currently Bongo Bongo from The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. System: Ninten 64.
i know soemof u have played this game lol as kids Razz
i remember this game sinc ei have it on virtual console lol and i passed it 3 times...
If u remember the shadow temple, like usual, theres a boss at the final chamber waiting for ur arrival to crush u when u crush them lol.
Bongo Bongo had 2 floating hands, and a floating body with a red eye on a web-like arena surronded by toxics.
so, whts ur fav? Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Fav. Boss from any game..   Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:55 pm

i hated fighting bongo bongo. if i used my hover boots i always messed up and i kept running out of arrows. i think my favorite would be ganondorf in twilight princess. i think hes the hardest boss ive ever fought. mostly because its hard to survive all 4 of his phases. the first one was easy, but when he bacame the beast, i could never get the timing right to grab him. the horse riding one was annoying because zedla on shot in a straight line but i was sad at the end when i could just use the fishing rod to distract him. it was still a great battle though.
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PostSubject: Re: Fav. Boss from any game..   Sat Nov 29, 2008 1:14 pm

For some reason, in Zelda: Link to the Past (Yah...I know), I liked fighting the evil wizard...Forgot his name. It's been so long. I kept jumping into the hole to fight him over and over again. I lost the game last year so...:/
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PostSubject: Re: Fav. Boss from any game..   Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:48 pm

(WARNING EXTREAMLY LONG POST APRAOCHING!!!!) yoshi's story:Don Bongo, its funny to fight him cuz he's super fat and blubery and you have to throw eggs at his lips! XD

paper mario(ninten):jr.troopa, hes not really a boss but its still funh to beat him and he comes back every time even stronger!

paper mario(ttyd):Doopliss and (A.O.1 likes this one more than me...)Magnus von Grapple v.r 2.0, i like doopliss cuz he's cool and he's a ghost and can turn into anyone he wants and magnus cuz he's cool too and his theme song is catchy

sonic rush:mecha draco (fyi he does not have his own name... i named him that cuz he looks like a dragon and yes is a robot)

Kirby super star ultra: Heavy Lobster, because hes golden looks like a robot lobster and his theme song is catchy to me

Sonic chronicles (tdb):Lord Ix (heh Ix=ixion=XD)i like him cuz he's evil and cool and thats the only time you get to fight any one in the game as super sonic

and finally the game im currently playing right now (POKEMON RANGER SHADOWS OF ALMIA!!!!) well theres three that i like, spiritomb, froslass and lucario!!!! (yes big and cool pokemon like Drapion and Tangrowth are bosses in this game)spiritomb travels between the odd keystones and uses will-o-wisp alot so its hard to beat him,frosslass uses blizzard and its really hard to avoid, and lucario can cloak himself in aura and all his moves are boosted!!! he shoots like 10 aura sheres at once!!! oh and A.O.1 WTF HOW ARE YOU A BIOMETAL!!! YOU KNOW YOU LET ME BORROW THAT GAME!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Fav. Boss from any game..   Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:46 pm

I have 2 bosses tied for first the first is sigma from the mega man x games, he was so hard to beat, and second was vayne solidor from final fantasy 12
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PostSubject: Re: Fav. Boss from any game..   

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Fav. Boss from any game..
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