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 My Random Short Story... Part 1

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PostSubject: My Random Short Story... Part 1   Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:24 pm

As I sat in the dark classroom, with the overhead projecter on, I did my math. The teacher opened the blinds of the window adjacent to me. The soft light shimmered against me pink skin. My mind began to float away, wondering of the days ahead. I could only imagine what tomorrow would be like. Tomorrow is the day of my rebirth. The day I regain my strength. Immortal, I am. Abnormal, I am. Powerful, I will be. I... Am... Justin... The Windwaker...

The bell rung, I scurried out to the crowded hallways. As I examined my peers, I noticed one in particular. The bottom of their back was showing. It couldn't have been... But it was... They had the waker mark. The mark all wakers had. What element could she be? I would know soon enough, at least, if she planned on following the ritual. I rushed to my locker, with my eyes frozen on her face. I grabbed everything out of my locker. I wouldn't be back. I noticed her locker was empty. She was following the ritual. I grabbed my Waker Flute, and darted toward her. She was running for her bus, I had little time. I caught up with her, and tried to gain her attention. Not knowing her name, I couldn't fully call her. She got on her bus, and I stood looking at her from the outside. I had my Waker Flute in my hand. She looked out the window, and saw me. Our eyes met, as she stared at me and the flute. Her eyes were locked on me, as the bus slowly pulled away.

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PostSubject: Re: My Random Short Story... Part 1   Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:48 pm

hmm...kind of mysterious...lol nice story
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My Random Short Story... Part 1
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