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 A.O.1.'s drawings XD

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PostSubject: A.O.1.'s drawings XD   Thu Dec 25, 2008 1:57 am

its finally here..the moment uv been waiting for..the moment i show u my drawings!!!! O.o lol
This is a complete list/artwork done by myself, A.O.1.. Lol im proud to have posted this (finally!!!! ^^ XP)
and now i get a chance to show ya!
well..here they are. i hope ya enjoy them!!! Razz Very Happy

First up, GT-Guardian R. A GT who wasnt filled with the plots like the other GT's, he feels the need against of wht the GT's feel. He wants to help this world by ending the wars. This is his 3rd drawing version.

Next we have RV-Fang! The guardian master of Dark Lord Hylex. He stands guard outside his lord's fortress..approaching anyone who trys to infiltrate his lord's area. Extremely skillful with his two handed spear, he can use many attacks and dodges with ease. This is his 2nd version drawing

Long ago, there was a legion made up of 4 guardians, they helped protect things not for everyone but only for themselves. although they seemed caring tht way, they werent. Anyone who tryed to get in their way was terminated. This drawing of one of the 4 guardians named Mis-Six, is controller of the Trav Army and specializes in long range attacks involving lots of firepower. thisis his 3rd version drawing.

Z.I., one of the legendary heroes of the past, had many armors to aid him in his quest against villains.
this, named the Golden Tiger Armor, consists of twin golden tiger claws which are razor sharp and can cut through virtually any object wiht ease. This is the 3rd version drawing.

After Hylex was defeated, a mysterious robot named Zaxzanium realized wht his plans were..and thus, his mind exploded with dark energy. Using these plans, he followed in Hylex's footsteps, and planned to continue his work form the ones who stopped him. This is his 2nd version drawing.

As there are many robots being created to serve their rulers, most of them r bigger and stronger than others. some, used for special purposes. This type of robot, named Enigma, have a line of only 8 throughout history, and this one is the onyl one left without ever being destroyed. Dont judge this one, because he is powerful and can knock ya up in a few seconds if ur not careful. This is a first time drawing.

Though he may not look like it, this robot has survived generation after generation battling the heroes of past and present. Hes been featured in several stories of mine. Hes one of ym most favorite drawings to make since he reappears many times as a returning boss for one fight only. Amazingly, this drawing has been redone 6 times. this is the 6th version.

Inhabiting a cave deep underground, a huge creature named Eyegoy, lives with her young in a deep place underground. she has special powers which makes her weapons not visible. for example, if u lookit the drawing where theres blue highlighted spots, she has hidden things the naked eye cannot see. These help with intruders daring to attack her territory. This is a first time drawing and its one fo my favorites Razz

Taking to the skys invading airships is his thing. Jolt Hawk is one of the 8 guardian robots who served one dark lord, named Hylex at a time, and he has neon jolt wings with electriticity which helps make skylines made out of electricity drop to foes below. This is a second drawing version.

It is said an alien pilots this ancient destructive weapon, codenamed Tech 01.
This giant suit of robotic armor is very powerful with lots of weapons and attacks up its sleeve.
I have been complimented very much by this drawing, saying its a bad@$$ robot, lol Razz this is the second version drawing.

Slizer Sai-Sicle MkII is this robots name. Based ona salamander, it has an amazing thing him and his "brother" robot both have. Its called "Element" Skin, which consists of an element of nature put over its normal one. Sai has ice element, so he can cut things like if he did with a blade with ease. This is the second version drawing.

One of the two guards who guaarded together as a team before, Jolt Eclair V2 has amazing technology packed into him. He has wings and swords made out of plasma, and with these, he can fight to his hearts content. This is a second version drawing.

One of the eight Neferious Samurai warriors who has survived a long time, named Quidranon V3, he has a special crimson dragon blaster which can fire dragon shaped shots with special powers. this is a 3rd time revised drawing.

also one of the eight Neferious Samurai warriors, named I-Zang, he is an artic investigator with amazing skills with the element made completely of himself, ice. He carries ice blades which can shatter after big hits but with his ice refreshers connected on his back he can regenrate as many swords as he wants. This is a 3rd version drawing.

One of the evilest lords in the history of any war, he killed 2 of the greates heroes of all time and made off wiht destructuon which terrorized the whole world. Kracken Infinite has come bak for more, being hungry for terrorization and world domination. Thi is his 3rd form and is one of my most favorite bosses ever.

Created by Kracken Infinite himself, althoguh he was destroyed after Kracken made his appearance, he was an assasin consisting being bloodthristy for violence and destruction wherever he went, just like his creator.
This is my 2nd version drawing and its mostly thnx to my sis becuz once she was tlaking to ehr friend of drawing a robot for her and i did this and since then i still remember tht lol.

One of the robots who had a master as well, Threx Drake Fang V2 has three dragon heads all nasty with great powers. This is a 2nd version drawing.

The ONLY survivor from the last warriors before the world changed forever of evil, this one was named Earthrex. Earthrex has amazing powers, having superstrength of lifting the most heavist thigns easily. It is said he once even lifted a mountain.This is a second drawing version.

Slizer Pyrotic Magnex MKII was also known as the "brother" of Slizer Sai-Sicle MKII. having the same skin powers except differant element, Pyrotic has heat skin, making him able to burn things to ashes in seconds.
This is a second drawing version.

Surprisingly, this robot was just an armor in the olden days. now, its been a miracle seeing it "alive". nicknamed the "Summoner", it has summoning powers to bring life forms created out of anti gravital particles to attack enemies. it was once said ot summon the great lord Kracken Infinite to attack at somethign trying to attack it, and it completely wiped out the area summoning it. this is a drawing based by an armor i made.
oh, and sorry if this is just flipped i couldnt get photobucket to work right lol

and here is...the hero..the one within my name..A.O.1..lol O.o
nocomment on this one, just lookit. lol sorry again photbucket was acting up..

and for the finale..the greates drawing iv done so far...to finish this set of aweosme drawings lol..i give you..

whew, this took about 2 hours and its 4 am in the mornign right now..lol
i hope yall enjoyed my art. plz comment tht is why i posted these thigns up ehre mostly anyways for comments lol!
ill draw more to satisfie for years lol.
cya! Razz
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PostSubject: Re: A.O.1.'s drawings XD   Thu Dec 25, 2008 5:52 am

Wow!! I really like the first orange one~~ It's so cool, i like them all =P... Keep drawing =D
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PostSubject: Re: A.O.1.'s drawings XD   Thu Dec 25, 2008 10:51 am

glittery gel pens

i want to be Kracken Infinite!
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PostSubject: Re: A.O.1.'s drawings XD   Fri Jan 02, 2009 10:05 am

Dude...Holy shiznit! Those are freaking AWESOME! I've always wanted to see your drawings since you talked about them! YOU. HAVE. TALENT. :0
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PostSubject: Re: A.O.1.'s drawings XD   

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A.O.1.'s drawings XD
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