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 Rate My Mixed Team (AGAIN)

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PostSubject: Rate My Mixed Team (AGAIN)   Tue Jan 20, 2009 7:31 am

Okay, ive posted a lot of RMT topics..

Well, i decided to make my own team, with no help (Excluding Bulbagarden's Stats & Move Lists). And nothing like Smogon was used in the making of this team. I wanna c if i can make a decent team on my own, see what i can improve on, and in the end: actually make a decent mixed team for competitve battling... lol

The Team:

Modest Gardevoir @ Leftovers
Trace Ability
6 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Def
- Shadow Ball
- Focus Blast
- Energy Ball
- Thunder Bolt
Brave Wailord @ Leftovers
Wave Veil Ability
8 HP / 252 SpA / 252 SpD
- EarthQuake
- Rest
- Avalanche
- Surf
Adamant Machamp @ Choice Band
Guts Ability
252 Atk / 130 Spe / 64 Def / 64 SpD
- ThunderPunch
- Payback
- Focus Punch
- Close Combat
Adamant Electivire @ Choice Band
6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def
- ThunderPunch
- EarthQuake
- CrossChop
- Iron Tail
Modest Magmortar @ Life Orb
252 SpD / 252 HP / 6 Spe
- Sunny Day
- Overheat
- SolarBeam
- Psychic
Brave Swampert @ Zoom Lens
252 Atk / 86 HP / 86 Def / 86 DeF
- EarthQuake
- Avalanche
- Focus Punch
- Giga Impact
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PostSubject: Re: Rate My Mixed Team (AGAIN)   Tue Jan 20, 2009 6:46 pm

just to criticize you.....

giga impact has a recovery turn so it isnt good

choice band implies switching often and the only physicalish wall you have is swampert

2 pokemon with focus punch requires good predictability, even more on pokemon with no subs

zoom lens increases accuracy, and giga impact is not worth it, stab waterfall instead with a better item

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PostSubject: Re: Rate My Mixed Team (AGAIN)   Tue Jan 20, 2009 7:43 pm

You have some weird sets to be honest lol.

Gardevoir is inferior to Alakazam as a psychic special sweeper, so either change to alakazam, or make Gardevior a team supporter. I suggest Will-O-Wisp, Wish, Psychic and maybe Focus Blast. WoW helps your team a lot since you lack a solid physical wall. Also the EV spread needs to change if you change its moveset, 252 HP is needed, and add SpDef to your liking and put the rest to SpA. Note that gardevior is rather frail, so you should only be switching it in on weakish special attackers such as vaporeon and the like.

I'll get to Wailord later.

Machamp does not need two fighting attacks, I would change Focus Punch to Sleep Talk so that it can absorb sleep for your team. I'm not sure why you used that EV spread, I would drop the defence and special defence EVs for HP, and if you use Gardevior with Wish, it will live longer.

Electivire needs Ice Punch for dragons, Iron Tail has rather poor coverage. Also, give eVire expert belt instead of Choice Band, ideally you'll get the Motor Drive speed boost, so being able to switch attacks lets you sweep easier. Also, drop the 252 defence EVs for speed so you can outrun stuff.

Not sure what to do with magmortar, never really used one myself. But i've seen a few lately with Choice Scarf to fix its terrible speed. Try a smogon moveset, the set you have now will not work against decent players.

Just replace Giga Impact for Waterfall on swampert. Giga Impact means free setup for your opponent. Also, i'd use Stealth Rock on swampert since it's a really good move. Also give him leftovers.

As for wailord, it's a poor Pokemon choice in general, vaporeon is much better and it can also use wish. It also attracts a lot of electric attacks which will benefit eVire. If you decide to use vaporeon, you should use Alakazam instead of Gardevior since you already have a wisher. Just use a special sweeper set on alakazam.

Your team looks fine, just becareful of your opponent setting up on you.
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PostSubject: Re: Rate My Mixed Team (AGAIN)   Tue Jan 20, 2009 8:11 pm

Seeing as boy covered a lot. I suggest a spiker, some walls, a ghost to block rapid spin, and a phazer/hazer.
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PostSubject: Re: Rate My Mixed Team (AGAIN)   Fri Jan 23, 2009 9:44 am

for machamp i like the bulk up, no gourd, dynamic punch combo, with eq and another move and another hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Rate My Mixed Team (AGAIN)   Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:34 pm

I'd suggest removing Wailord from the team and replacing him with a more worthwhile Pokémon. Or at least changing his moveset, which is currently despicable. If you need something to lure get Electivire's Speed boost, Gyarados is the way to go. Just by fact, he is threatening and has the potential to sweep through teams; therefore, it would be of the opponent's best interest to get rid of him as quickly as possible. I wouldn't put Wailord in the same category. And that's not to mention that your Wailord is hacked.

I think someone already mentioned Electivire's problem with 252 Defense EVs and Iron Tail. Electivire, without the Motor Drive has a mediocre speed - not the best nor the worst. Typically, he'd outpace walls but fail to hit first on common frail sweepers. The Speed Boost gives him the edge over those frail sweepers, and the Speed EVs are necessary for Electivire in reaching his potential. Putting 252 EVs in Defense makes Motor Drive completely useless, not to mention the fact that Electivire's defense sucks (and therefore, it'd be like giving Bronzong 252 Speed EVs. The stats are multiplicative, so the lower the stat, the less points you actually get from it. If any Defensive stat, put it in HP or Special Defense.)

Quote :
make Gardevior a team supporter.
And then you go on to state that he's frail. Gardevoir isn't a frail supporter. His set is fine. Obviously, its a lead Gardevoir that abuses Trace for a nice kick off. Thunderbolt owns Gyarados, Shadow Ball owns Gengar and Azelf, Focus Blast owns Tyranitar and Porygon2, Energy Ball for Swampert/Donphan etc. I'd suggest dumping EVs into HP and SpAttack though, and enough Speed EVs to outpace Jolly Tyranitar.

For Machamp, I would take off Focus Punch and replace it with Ice Punch. Close Combat messes his bulk, so I'd shift the EVs to be more offensive (and by the way, the post is terrible, since it doesn't even mention what the hell those 130 Speed EVs are for). Ice Punch and Thunderpunch provide good coverage against Bulky Water types and Dragons/Gliscor while Close Combat provides a reliable STAB with base 120 394 Attack. Payback + close Combat hits every Pokémon in the game for at least neutral damage with the exception of Heracross and Toxicroak, but Payback is a better choice for the more bulky Machamp versions. Nevertheless, it provides decent coverage.

If you really want a Magmortar on your team, at least give him Thunderbolt. Take off Sunny Day since Sunny Day should really only be used if it helps any other members of your team (and it does the exact opposite for Wailord and Swampert by the way). In addition, Tyranitar, if not Abomasnow as well, are too common in the meta game, bringing the Sandstorm/Hail pretty quickly. Which also means you could be setting up a 4 turn solar beam while Tyranitar Dragon Dances 3 times and wipes the rest of your team's ass. THUNDERBOLT for Grass types, a more offensive set, and try fitting in Flamethrower/Fire Blast, Cross Chop/Focus Punch, and if you can, HP Ice.

Make Swampert a Restalker. I don't know what the hell the EVs are supposed to mean, but Rest, Sleep Talk, Waterfall/Stone Edge, and Earthquake is a pretty good set. Stone Edge over Waterfall if you want better coverage, since its only resisted by Bronzong, Flygon, and Claydol (if there's anymore, whatever. My memory's fading). Otherwise Waterfall helps more against the likes of Skarmory, and of course Bronzong. You need a Status absorber on your team anyway, aside from Machamp. 252 HP / 252 Def +Def nature with 4 SDef EVs. Unless you want to split up the Defense EVs, but that's your choice.

Overall, it isn't that great. Although the team is primarily offensive, your Pokémon are relatively frail, lacking substantial resistances (like Electivire and Magmortar). No scarved Pokémon = bad comebacks in terms of revenge killing. Allowing an opposing Pokémon to stack up on stat boosts = you'll probably lose unless Swampert can do something. When you first look at it, it seems fine, but if you have a good amount of experience, you'd realize that Machamp would probably be a fine hard-hitter on the team, since he is capable of taking and dealing hits effectively. Getting Electivitire of Magmortar in is possible, but probably less common since they aren't too fast and have relatively weak defense. Magmortar already fails to Stealth Rock, so I wouldn't even suggest putting him in. But eh, its your team. *cough*Infernape*cough*
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PostSubject: Re: Rate My Mixed Team (AGAIN)   

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Rate My Mixed Team (AGAIN)
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